Monday, May 23, 2011

Music and Politics Don’t Mix – Except This Time

It’s no secret that many musicians tend to lean to the left when it comes to their political beliefs, sometimes waaay to the left. Normally, I’m as eager to hear politics from a musician almost as much as I’m eager to hear music from a politician, which means not very.

Take U2’s Bono. Recently, he told the oft-repeated lie that some 90% of the guns used by Mexican gangs come from the United States to a concert crowd in Mexico City recently…

“I want you to send a message of love along the border to the good and the great people of the United States of America. … I want you to send a message to people of conscience.

Ask them to answer the question. Why is it that all we hear on the news is how drugs are smuggled through Mexico to the United States?

And we don’t hear about all the automatic weapons that are being smuggled into Mexico from the United States. Nine thousand registered arms dealers on the other side of the border. Nine thousand.

Most of the murders committed here are from weapons sold in the United States of America.”

While that’s a nice sentiment, and it’s right to mourn the innocents caught up in Mexico’s drug war that it rapidly spilling over our southern border (aided in large part by the administration’s puzzling refusal to secure it), those facts are completely wrong. For one, automatic weapons are illegal here.

Blaming America for the all the world’s troubles is a very popular theme, particularly among foreign artists. However, that outlook is fundamentally flawed.

Ted Nugent is among the small group of musicians who are vocally conservative. Today, he is joined by Kiss frontman Gene Simmons. In an MSNBC interview over the weekend, he had this to say about President Obama’s recent speech on Israel. (h/t to The

It’s along about here that I could say he pretty much announced his candidacy for President with those remarks. Of course that would be high snark, but there’s a lot of truth coming from him in that interview. It’s made even more relevant by the fact that Simmons voted for Obama.

Even though Gene was opining on Obama’s glaring lack of credibility when it comes to world matters and America’s role today, his overall sentiment is gaining a lot of traction amongst many.

Many of you know that I play music as a hobby. Many of my musician friends lean as far left as the more popular artists, but they are starting to come to the same conclusion as Gene Simmons.

Most of them voted for Obama, thinking it would be a watershed moment in American politics. It would be a grand gesture on their part to prove that America wasn’t the racist country that many have claimed it to be. They could puff out their chest and say they helped elect our first black President. Our racial wounds would be healed and we could finally put that issue to rest.

If only.

You may know that the issue of racial inequality was the root of the radical movement here in the 1960’s. The Weather Underground Manifesto wastes no time in framing America as evil oppressors of people of color. You can read it online or download it here.

Going back to Gene Simmons’ remarks, I’m finding that more and more of my friends who voted for Obama (at least, those who’ll admit it) are starting to regret their decision. After all, you can only deny reality for so long, usually right up until the moment you lose your job. Around here, the economy has taken its toll on gigs, too. Nobody has the money to go out as much anymore.

Life tends to become clear when faced with the truth: 52% of the voting public made a drastic mistake by electing Obama.

The results are inescapable. I’ve listed them many times. There is only one thing left to do and that is to reverse course while we still can. And we will.

The 2012 midterm election was only the beginning of the end of our national flirtation with socialism. The country thought it was doing something historic in electing Obama. Well, it was historic, just not the way we thought. Anyone who did the slightest bit of research into Obama had the unsettling feeling that something wasn’t quite right, and acted on that feeling by not voting for him.

His opponent, John McCain, wasn’t the best candidate; he just survived the process better than anyone else and was “picked” by the media. It was “his turn” to be the nominee. He could not, and in many cases, would not rise to challenge Obama, not wanting to appear racist, as any opposition to Obama is still being portrayed by the sycophants in the MSM. He had several opportunities to do so, and he missed every one of them, with the third presidential debate, which was a debacle for McCain. He appeared weak and unwilling to contrast any of Obama’s positions by taking an opposing viewpoint. McCain even said we had nothing to fear from Obama.

Now that right there is some serious stupid.

There is the real possibility of a political revolution come November of 2012. Now understand you won’t be hearing this from any of the MSM outlets. If you’ll recall my recent post on mental conditioning and the use of Astroturfing, you’ll be led to believe that Obama is unbeatable in his bid for reelection and the nation is united behind him.

Don’t be fooled. Talk to your friends, listen carefully, and you’ll hear a growing discontent with the leftward lurch we chose in 2008. Things haven’t worked out well for us since then, and people who voted for Obama are starting to notice.

Obama will be soundly defeated, and many long-time liberals will be swept from office. We have a real chance to take full control of Washington. We aren’t so blind as to continue on our present course.

It can happen.

It will happen.

America has a clue.

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