Tuesday, May 24, 2011

President Obama Installs His Minister of Propaganda

I’ve been on the subject of mental conditioning and its bastard child, propaganda, for a few days, not knowing that something like this would happen.

I must have ESPN or something.

By now, you should have a pretty good idea of what you’ll hear in the upcoming presidential election, or rather, what you won’t hear. What you’ll hear is how great and wonderful Our Dear Leader is, how he rescued the country from the ravages of the eeeeevillll George Bush, saved or created billions of new jobs, guaranteed free healthcare for all without adding one penny to the deficit, and singlehandedly killed Osama bin Laden.

What you won’t hear about is the millions of Americans who are still out of work or the record numbers sub-employed in menial jobs outside their chosen field for far less pay. You won’t hear about the record numbers of Americans on food stamps. You won’t be hearing about the massive numbers of Americans living below the poverty line. You won’t hear about Obama’s many broken promises, starting with his pledge to balance the federal budget by the end of his first term in office. Ditto the numbers of people displaced from their homes because they couldn’t afford to pay their mortgage.

The Obama administration will be all skittles, rainbows, and unicorns. In fact, he’ll be portrayed as the bestest president we’ve ever had, and you should be eternally grateful that you were alive to be a small part of his historic reign. You should also thank him.

You, gentle reader, may be asking yourself, “How does he accomplish this?”

I thought you’d never ask.

You need look no further than the White House. Nestled safely within its bowels, you’ll find the office of one Jesse Lee, Obama’s new Director of Progressive Media & Online Response. Lee is perhaps most famously known as the guy who blasted Glenn Beck and the Fox News Channel from the Whitehouse.gov site here. In his new position, he’ll be better able to pushback against websites who dare to publish anything that differs from the Official Account of History.

This should be fun.

Already, Lee is being called the “Pushback Czar” and the “Shutup Czar.” NiceDeb has more here. I look forward to interfacing with him myself.

I’d like to begin the festivities by asking who’s funding this position: Is it paid for by tax dollars? Is the DNC funding it? Does George Soros have his grimy little fingers in it as well? We may get the same answer that we got to the question of how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop: the world may never know.

Next, I’d like to ask that Most Pressing Question, “What if George Bush did this?” Do you think for one minute that there wouldn’t be howls of protest among the media elites and that it wouldn’t be on every MSM news outlet every thirty minutes for at least a week?

Here’s one more thing you should be aware of, and that’s the political use of the term “progressive.” Hillary Clinton called herself a “proud progressive.” That innocent sounding word has real meaning to those who self-identify with it. To them, it’s a political stance that’s only a few ideological steps away from what your grandparents rightfully condemned as “communism.” It’s a radical, far-left belief that whatever the government does is good, and whatever you want to do (without its permission) is bad. While that’s oversimplified, it’s pretty accurate.

Adherents to this political philosophy have the misguided notion that our Constitution is outdated and ill-suited for these oh-so-modern times. Their actions prove their beliefs: As I’ve noted, the 111th Congress, led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, passed more laws than any congress since the Great Society days of the sixties. This was a particular point of pride for Her Highness and should be reason enough for you to question anyone seeking public office. It shouldn’t matter if they’re a Republican or a Democrat, if they call themselves a “progressive” or use that term at all, they need to be treated with all the respect you’d normally reserve for a large, poisonous snake inside your house, namely to keep it contained until it can be captured and returned to its natural habitat. Or killed and eaten, whatever.

The rotting cancer of progressivism has festered inside the body politic of America for too long. I could go into more detail, but for now, be on guard. Be content to know that everything that’s currently wrong with our country is the direct result of progressivism.

And Jesse Lee's new position has that word on his office door.

I would say, “Be afraid, be very afraid,” but that’s not what we’re about. We’re going to take this bullshit head on and defeat it, and this administration, with the Truth. We're going to chronicle each and every failure (a full time job to be sure), and dig deep to find out the things that the lapdogs in the MSM won't tell you and that this administration obviously doesn't want you know.

Bring. It. On.

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anna said...

Interesting. No doubt there is some form of media control occurring, but I hardly think this administration is the first or last to have such position. Ultimately you don't need a Whitehouse propaganda watchdog or the FCC to sensor the news, so long as you have corporate sponsors having the final say.