Thursday, May 26, 2011

George Soros and His Marvelous Propaganda Machine

Apparently unbeknownst to anyone in the MSM, a quiet revolution in American and world media is under way. Your friend and mine, George Soros, is a very busy boy and has been for a while. Recently, a few articles have emerged outlining his quest for media dominance, like these two from Fox, here and here, and another one here from the Media Research Center. Do yourself a favor, click and read them all.

Lots of pies and apparently, lots of fingers to stick in them.

Soros’ dislike of America and freedom should be well known by now. He isn’t bashful when it comes to criticizing America and the universal ideals that we embody. He’ll use flowery prose and couch his criticisms in sort of a “Gee whiz, America’s just awful, isn’t it?” linguistic shuffle of the feet, as if it’s common knowledge that there seems to be something wrong with us, history be damned.

Nothing that a New World Order wouldn’t cure, mind you.

Before I continue, there’s something you should know: this man truly hates you. In true psychotic form, he considers anyone who opposes him, or his agenda, to be his enemy.

His reign of terror around the world is well known, especially to those whose economies he’s destroyed. He’s a world player with not only money, but politics, too. (He’s known affectionately as “the man who broke the Bank of England,” making over $1 billion dollars at the expense of the British people. They weren’t the first, either.)

Ask yourself why a private citizen from any other country would try so hard to influence American politics, especially to the degree that Soros has inserted his considerable resources into the forming of  false public opinion. He spent some $25 million dollars in 2004 to defeat George Bush and has spent many more millions building a media empire that has as its goal the defeat of freedom, America, and the Western way of life.

I hate to flog a deceased equine, but this also falls into the theme of propaganda and mental conditioning. I’ll get to that shortly.

Let’s hop in the Way Back Machine and go all the way back to last April. The esteemed Mr. Soros gathered his faithful followers in Boston for this event, the National Conference for Media Reform. Among the rogue’s’ gallery of “presenters” (does that mean that they were present?) were well known socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and well known moonbat Nancy Pelosi. (I found this page to be so chocked full of lefty goodness that I’m bookmarking it for further reference. It’s a veritable wellspring of information as to who either is on the Soros payroll or wishes they were, along with publications and organizations to avoid.)

Now, why would anyone want to “reform” media? The traditional role of a journalist is to gather raw information and arrange it in an organized way to accurately inform the public. Call me old school, but I still subscribe to the “who, what, when, where” formula of journalism and leave the “why” to the opinion page.

That’s journalistic integrity at its finest and was the basis for the justifiable pride that reporters once felt about their chosen profession. However, that model was “reformed” a long time ago and seems no longer to be a function of American media. This helps to explain why Candidate Obama wasn’t properly vetted during his run.

That, and just outright stupidity.

But I digress.

Pure, true journalism seems dead. What we have now is opinion masquerading as legitimate reporting, but you knew that already. With the explosion in information in recent years, the likelihood of you receiving accurate information with which to make sound political judgments is small and diminishing by the year, if not the month. You can no longer rely upon the evening news to tell you the truth, if you ever could.

That’s where the New Media comes in. This blog and the others like it are fine examples. You must dig to find accurate information, because the MSM won’t tell you certain things, especially when it comes to politics. While I mourn the death of journalistic integrity on the part of the MSM, the alternatives have become so much fun to read that I’m almost glad it’s happened. Click on any of the links in my sidebar: you’ll get far more accuracy, pith, and good-natured snark than anywhere else I can think of. Very few of these sites existed ten years ago.

Now the danger is that, with Soros effectively in charge of a large and growing media empire, they will start to broadcast misinformation. In fact, this is already happening. Springing forth fully formed as a “respected, non-partisan” media organizations, many of these newly created media monsters are already feeding their propaganda to a willing (and drooling) mainstream press to whom fact-checking is some lost art, spoken of in hushed and reverent tones by some, but largely remaining a mystery.

If you’ll remember my recent post on Mental Conditioning, I explored the modern-day form of propaganda, Astroturfing. This wonderful new (and ethically challenged) twist on the old Soviet tactic of bamboozling the people involves what could be accurately called electronic peer pressure. Ideas, notions, and a seemingly prevailing attitude are all that’s needed to make folk think something is true when it isn’t. Its’ power lies in its subtlety and in its ubiquity. It’s everywhere and it all says pretty much the same thing. You want to be in with all the cool people, don’t you? Well, this is what those cool people are saying. You don’t want to be uncool, do you? Do you?

(It should be noted that research into the mind with the goal of manipulating it isn’t some far out conspiracy theory: it was actually practiced and actively explored by the Soviets during the Cold War. Here’s a link to a book on the subject from the good people over at FHU. You can download it for a paltry $5 and is well worth your time to read.)

Imagine for a moment that you’re bombarded with information.

Now imagine all that information is incorrect.

Imagine further that it’s all designed to make you think a certain way, and therefore, vote a certain way. It’s possible for you to cast a vote for a candidate who, once in office, would begin to work against your best interests and those of the country.

Sound familiar?

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