Monday, May 9, 2011

Bin Laden’s Death and Postmodernism

We knew this was coming. Not bin Leaden’s ultimate demise, but the unfortunate and all-too-predictable reaction from the usual subjects concerning his death. The last bubbles had hardly surfaced before some people started their America-bashing, claiming that we were the big, bad bullies for personally arranging Osama’s final dinner date with those 72 sturgeons. Even in countries that have experienced their own attacks at the direction of that animal, they strove mightily to establish their position on the highest moral ground by claiming that OBL’s death was illegal, immoral, and fattening. It even violated some international law.

I call bullshit, as you probably have too.

I’m terribly sorry to anyone who may be offended by my joy over the death of bin Leaden, but I'm not apologizing to anyone for it. We needed it. The world needed it. Nothing brightens my day like knowing the world has one less practitioner of evil in it. The birds sing a little sweeter at the thought that my five-year-old granddaughter doesn’t have to live in fear of him, and that one day, she’ll ask me who that bad man was. I’ll tell her and give her all the details I think she can handle.

The most important lesson I want to give her is that there are good people and there are bad people in this world. Good people do good things and bad people do bad things. Killing people is a bad thing, but killing a bad person is a good thing because it stops them from doing bad things to good people.

It really is just that simple. What surprises me is there are big people who can’t grasp that simple concept. And a few of them proudly proclaimed their misguided beliefs in the wake of bin Leaden’s death.

At which point I wondered, “What part of good and evil do you not understand?”

Amidst the moral universe in which we live, there are seemingly as many beliefs as there are stars in the evening sky. Well, maybe not that many, but there are an awful lot of them, and a lot of them are awful.

Bigfoot. Space aliens. The Loch Ness Monster. Keynesian economics. Political correctness. Multiculturalism, where all cultures are equally good. We need to spend money to keep from going bankrupt.

All popular beliefs and all of them wrong.

Yet there is one Big Wrong Belief that acts like an umbrella covering all the other ones from the cleansing rain of reality. You may have heard of it. It goes by the name of Postmodernism.

Sounds trendy, huh? Want to prove to your friends that you are terminally hip? Just say that you’ve been studying up on the latest philosophical craze, postmodernism. Your friends will be amazed.

Unless they know what it is. Then, what your friends will marvel at is your intellectual shallowness and infantile need for approval, not to mention your self-esteem issues for falling for the oldest trick in the book, in addition to being just plain stupid.

For the uninitiated, postmodernism is the basic belief that there is no such thing as good or evil. Following that, no decision you make or action you take is wrong. So, to coin a phrase, just do it. It’s all good. Nothing matters and what if it did?

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Since there’s no right or wrong, you’re free to live life on your own terms without that stodgy old thing called morals that the lesser humans babble on about. You’re a true intellectual, yes you are. You can now move on to other things, like splitting those pesky atoms with your mind and putting all those scientists at CERN to shame.

Silly humans.

If you’re not up to speed on this concept, do yourself a favor and search out a few articles on it. If you have any experience at all in the real world, you will rightly question anyone who buys into postmodernism. Not to put too fine a point on it, but it’s just codified insanity. The scary part about it is, there are a lot of folks who believe it, and too many of them hold political office. Cass Sunstein springs immediately to mind.

If you believe in PoMo, you are actively disengaging your own conscience. Control freaks like Sunstein have no problem with the idea of controlling other people because of it. All they need to do is point to how popular PoMo is (in certain circles) and voila! No need for any explanation and certainly no need to answer the questions that inevitably arise when you find out that there is someone in Washington whose fondest desire is to “nudge” you into a certain behavior.

Nor is there any need to explain the oft-cited stratospheric certitude that “One death diminishes us all.” Really? Bin Laden’s death diminished us? In what way? We killed a mass murderer. We killed someone who encouraged others to kill us for the crime of being non-muslim. We killed someone who hated us for breathing. Sorry, but out here in the real world, we must occasionally kill rabid animals for everyone's safety.

And we’re the ones who were wrong to kill him? Some of these fake bleeding hearts wanted him arrested and tried for his crimes. The idiocy of that proposal defies all logic and probably a few laws of physics, too.. While we’re playing mind games, let’s imagine for a moment what would have happened had we held the World’s Biggest Show Trial for bin Laden. He would’ve had the stage for his beliefs, the trial likely would've lasted for many years forcing the survivors of 9/11 to relive that horrible day over and over, there would be terror attacks and millions of dollars spent on security, the defense would have presented all manner of excuses for his behavior and would have retired after their books were published. It would’ve been a debacle of global proportions, just like OBL would have wanted it.

So, thanks once again to Seal Team 6, wherever and whoever you may be. You did the world a favor, and we owe you our gratitude.

As for the America bashers here and abroad, take your moral relativism and shove it, along with your stupid beliefs.


Anonymous said...

You are clearly an untter moron. You know nothing of Postmodernism. A cultural condition in which WE ALL live, and have done since the end of the 60's. Grow up and yes, I mean that in a mental sense not a physical one. Go read something without your idiot tinted lenses on. From postmodernism, capitalism emerged, something your little country of America, can't seem to do without so get your facts right. It has NOTHING whatsoever to do with 'right or wrong'. Postmodernism is unescapable, moron. So deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Bin Laden attacked America because to him, America is evil. So there you go, your stupid morality of good and evil just fell apart. Good people don't do good things, bad people don't do bad things; people do things and then the prefixes are determined. There is no moral universe and no universal morality