Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Guess I Should Feel Honored...

The Great Gibson Guitar Raid keeps getting curiouser still. Gibson CEO: Obama Administration Told Us Our Problems Would Go Away If We Used Madagascar Labor (Audio).

Well, it's about time somebody else recognized it, too. The best way for us to solve our myriad economic problems is simple: Manufacturing a Recovery. The surprise is that this article is from the NY Times. I didn't know anyone up there knew what manufacturing was, much less that we once had an entire sector of the economy devoted to it.
Somebody named Jonathan Alter wants to know why Obama is a failure (or a SCoaMF, see Ace for the definition). Wish, command, some assembly required.
I'm growing tired of the attacks from the left leveled at the Tea Party. You should be too. In one way, it shows who and what they're scared of. We in the Tea Party have been called many false names such as "racists", "terrorists." (which is strange, considering that this administration refuses to call real terrorists terrorists) and now we're being cussed out by Maxine Waters.
Ms. Waters, I have a question: What did I do to you to make you mad at me? What personal affront was it that compels you to curse me, a fellow American citizen whose best interests you are supposed to be advancing in Washington? Why do you seem to hate me? Sure, I've disagreed with a great many things that you have approved of and made into law, but I distinctly remember hearing from another one of your Democrat friends a few years ago that dissent was patriotic.
Pardon me if I'm a bit confused.
I guess I should feel honored that you think it necessary to curse me, my family, and my political beliefs.
How nice of you to show your respect for a fellow citizen. This is truly the stuff of democracy and proves what an excellent legislator you are and that you are able to bring all sides together in order to insure that America remains a great country.

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