Thursday, September 15, 2011

What's Love Got to Do With It?

Yesterday, President Obama gave a speech. Someone in the crowd shouted, "We love you." Obama's response was this.

Love? I don't think that word applies here.

You have tried this before. The Stimulus Bill didn't work. In fact, it worked in reverse. We're much worse off as a result of it. And now you want to try it again?

Mr. President, you can't wave your sceptre and create jobs. Jobs are the natural result of a free market economy. You seem insistent upon remaking our economy into something that's not an economy. You contend that the Republican controlled Congress wants to deny you a political victory.

Here's the truth: A victory for you is a loss for the nation. You got virtually everything you wanted with the willing help of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for the first two years of your presidency. And the nation is suffering mightily as a result.

It's not that we don't love you as a person: we don't love what you're doing. That is the important difference.

You have criticized the overwhelming majority of the country. You have criticized conservatives, Tea Partiers, Republicans, doctors, corporate jet owners, businesspeople, and average Americans, whom you called "bitter clingers." You have called us "the enemy" more than once. And your actions have proven it more than once. Every action, every regulation, every mandate you have approved is doing nothing but crippling our country in every way imaginable.

And now you want us to love you, when you clearly don't love us? You should understand that this "love" thingy works both ways.

Mr. President, it appears that, judging by your words and actions, you don't love America.

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