Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Things President Obama Should Worry About, But Strangely Doesn't

"May you live in interesting times."

I'm sure you've heard that toast before. I've heard that it's a subtle curse.

Doubtless we live in interesting times, times we have inflicted upon ourselves. We wanted to be cool, hip, cosmopolitan, equal to the rest of the world who looks down on America, if you believe the press. So we hired an inexperienced freshman senator who had never held a private sector postition of any kind to the highest office in the land, the Leader of the Free World.

Do we still feel hip? Cosmopolitan? Cool? You tell me.

I'm fairly certain the President feels all cool and hip. He sure struts his way to the teleprompter like he feels that way. I guess it's a power thing, I wouldn't know.

Amidst the greatest downturn in our economic history, our president seems far more focused on his reelection. It's almost like the worse things get, the more he starts blaming others. His latest foil is Congress. They're now the bad guys for not passing his latest "jobs bill." They're more concerned, he says, with rigid ideology than doing what's good for the country. Talk about psychological projection, that right there's a real doozy.

Naturally, he's referring to the Republican controlled House of Representatives. He wants to paint them as the villain, as the ones who are blocking any real progress, namely his bills. Let's forget for a moment that you can't sign a piece of legislation and create jobs in the private sector. That has been tried before with the Stimulus Bill. If I remember correctly, it didn't do a whole lot to help.

So, according to our esteemed President, it's Congress that's standing in the way of prosperity. But is it really the "do nothing," partisan-driven body he says it is? A look at the statistics shows otherwise. In a post over at NRO, Deroy Murdock gives us a peek at what's really going on in Congress. It seems that the evil Republicans in the House have voted a mere 711 times, while the Democrat-controlled Senate has voted, hold onto your hats, a whopping 137 times.

So, um, who's stalling here, really? In a sane world where everything wasn't backwards, who would be called the real obstructionists? It surely looks like it would be Harry Reid and his Senate.

This has some consequences, believe it or not. There are two polls that show Americans are pretty fed up with Obama's shenanigans. One from Gallup shows an historic low of people who are satisfied with the government. But that's not the most important question that was asked. The real kicker is this: "Do think the federal government poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens, or not." Take a guess at how many Americans think so. Go on, take a guess. Nope, it's higher than that. Try again. If you said half the country, you'd be right.

Let that sink in for a moment. Half the country thinks its own government is a threat to freedom.

And it gets even worse. Another poll from Rasmussen shows that only 17% of Americans think that the current government has the consent of the governed.

This is in addition to the 9.1% unemployment rate, the 10% inflation rate, the record number of Americans living in poverty and on food stamps, the record number of people who aren't in the workforce, the record high national deficit, the unrest in the Middle East that threatens Israel, the economic implosion of Europe, the recent revelation of new evidence that the Fast and Furious plan to supply guns to Mexican drug cartels was not only known, but paid for with your tax dollars, the list goes on.

We're sinking as a direct result of the policies of Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi's 111th Congress. It's as plain as daylight.

Mr. President, how do you sleep at night?

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