Friday, August 10, 2012

The Most Ridiculous Thing You'll Read This Afternoon

"Special" Ed Shultz had Johnathan Alter on his show last night to give us today's snippet of leftist insanity, "If we elect Romney, a lot of people will die."

"ObamaCare will save, literally, thousands of lives," Alter declared."
 Sorry, Johnny, no it won't.

I do wonder how these people are capable of remembering to breathe.

Take a look around at the other countries who have socialized health care, Johnny. What do you see? Long lines, delayed treatment, high costs that lead to rationing of services and a rush to come here in search of the best health care, a depressed economy.

Now explain to me why in hell we should want that here? ObamaCare, the socialist wet-dream for a century, was rammed down our throats  by a group of power-mad progressives who want to boss you around through whichever method they can find. These people want nothing less that total and absolute power over you in every facet of your life. They think you are their slave, to do with as they please. Your money, your family, and your life isn't yours, it's theirs.

ObamaCare is wildly unpopular, and has grown moreso in the the two years since it was passed. We want this law repealed as quickly as possible and replaced with a free market solution that increases business and diminishes the power of Washington.

You, Johnny, can relocate to whichever country suits your needs. If you want socialism, move somewhere else.

I like my freedom. You can't seem to understand what it is.

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