Thursday, December 3, 2009

A challenger for Alan Grayson: Patricia Sullivan

While over at Ace's at this post where LauraW was asking for input on which conservatives to endorse in the next election, I was delighted to find out who is challenging the mentally challenged Alan Grayson in 2010 in our 8th District here.

Her name is Patricia Sullivan.

Her intro is here. Her blog is here, also available on her intro page.

She seems to be just what is needed in Washington: an average citizen who's fed up with being ignored and talked down to by those we elect to represent our interests. I'll be following her efforts closely, since Grayson has proven himself to be the typical condescending Democrat unable to give serious thought to complex issues and who seems ripe for defeat. Many who voted for him, and Obama, are now having a well earned case of voter remorse.

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