Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Climategate Clearinghouse

Climategate just won't go away, despite the refusal of Robert Gibbs to acknowledge it.

Pajamas Media has several posts up today. The best and most interesting is this database that has all of the emails listed. You can read up, comment, and rank them in importance. It's a great place to start if you're new to the scandal.

Their sister site, PJTV also has this video of Climategate deniers.

Watching these eco-nazis squirm is the most fun I've had in ages. They can't come up with any valid argument against the exposed emails that clearly show the scientists were lying, covering up, misdirecting, having people fired and generally engaging in actvities normally enjoyed only by politicians.

When the laughter subsides and the popcorn is all gone, then we'll have a lot of work to do. Namely, reversing the direction of pollution laws so we can start to drill for oil and natural gas again, build nuclear plants and do all the other things we should've been doing these past thirty years or so. We can bring to bear so much ridicule and scorn on any politician or judge that still believes in AGW that we'll make Saul Alinsky look like Billy Jack. We can finally take our natural resources back and tell those who would deny us their use to FOAD.

And if you want a really good chuckle, Jim Treacher offers up his inner dialogue.

On a psychological note, it will be some time before most of the believers of AGW will admit they were wrong and allowed themselves to be misled. A few may never come to terms with reality. Look for them to use some really outrageous explanations in order to convince themselves they were right in the face of increasing evidence to the contrary. While it might be popcorn worthy, it's really sad, and those who will not admit they were duped are almost to be pitied.


As if there were such a thing as a Moron Mind Meld, Ace also puts these guys on the couch.

At the risk of flagellating a deceased equine, one point bears repetition: Always trust your instincts. If you detect that something just isn't quite right in what you're being told, or if something seems to be missing, regardless of what it may be, you're correct to be suspicious. That small, still voice within is trying to tell you something. Not necessarily with words, which makes it difficult to explain if it hasn't happened to you yet, but one day it will happen. Later, you'll know you were right, all on your own, with a little help from Above.

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