Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Reality vs. Fantasy: Where Do Politicians Live?

I apologize in advance for the spotty posting as I'm severely under the weather. The good news is that I don't smell bacon or make oinking sounds when I sleep.

In my travels across this vast Internet thingy, I encounter many posts that I wish I had written.

Many, many posts.

This is one of them. In it, Steven Den Beste explores the philosophical side of politics, especially as it relates to the mindset of those whom we elect to public office. You'll want to read the whole thing, as it's a short and clear explanation of two opposite philosophical belief systems, one of which is predominant today.

It’s teleologists who drive around with bumper stickers that say, “Imagine world peace.” I can imagine it just fine. I don’t expect to see it in my lifetime, though.

It would be nice if everyone could imagine world peace, but that's the rub. No one thinks the same.

An awful lot of folk think they should control your life. That's a mental illness that's not considered one. Think about it; why on Earth would you want to order someone else around, except for some flaw in your thinking? Some grandiose fantasy that you're the best thing there is and deserve to be obeyed just because, well, just because? That's alright for children playing a game, but not for adults. In fact, adults mostly wish to be left alone, especially when it comes to politics and politicians.

You could also accurately attribute this ego trip to a lack of maturity. And judging from the level of rhetoric emanating from Washington these days, our leaders just don't sound too mature.

It's time for us to demand more from those we elect to office, that they treat us as equals, not as subjects. We should demand that they be mature and live in the real world.

Like we do every day.

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