Saturday, December 12, 2009

Eco-Ninnies Are Better Than Us. No, Really.

I was over at Ace of Spades HQ where I ran across a dissertation that shows what we all kind of expected about holier-than-thou eco-ninnies ( a great description, Ace). Maybe it's because I'm from Alabama and can be a bit slow on the uptake sometimes, but you know how you can sometimes just tell that someone's being a bit phony? You can't point to much in specific, it's just an overall sense that someone's not being completely honest with you? This essay points to a study that demonstrates that maybe being one with Gaia isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Read it all.

That post reminded me of an experience with a solicitor from Greenpeace one day in my front yard. He was a freckly-faced young college kid who really thought he was doing some good by raising money for a cause he obviously felt very passionate about. Nothing wrong with that, but after about five minutes of my observations about how you could do something concrete to actually minimize waste (like give away cloth grocery bags) instead of file lawsuits that ultimately make us pay more for the products we use, he was nearly reduced to tears. I almost felt sorry for him afterwards, but perhaps he thought just a little bit more about the true nature of the eco-nazi movement and what their motives actually are. Namely, the command-and-control of every aspect of your life.

I have a news flash for those in Washington that persist in this nonsense: the days of blind obedience are gone. We're waking up to the whole environmental sham, and recent developments have shown that the proponents of the now debunked "climate change" are digging in their heels instead of showing any true intellectual curiosity about ClimateGate and whether or not any of it is actually true.

Speaking of intellectual curiosity, be sure to check out Iowahawk's handy-dandy do-it-yourself Climate Hockey Stick Reconstruction Kit. No kidding. This is for real, as he does statistical modeling for his day job, or it at least looks that way. I looked and couldn't find one bit of snark. It's always good to have some ammunition in a battle of wits and he provides lots of it.

I found this wonderful YouTube vid of Christopher Monckton interviewing a Greenpeace member that kinda, sorta parallels my story above. In it, he manages to reveal the biggest problem that eco-ninnies demonstrate: a curious willingness to believe anything told to them without bothering to actually determine whether they're being told the truth or not.

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