Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The 52% Shift Away from Obama

This is interesting. A poll by CNN reveals that 52% of America thinks Barack Obama doesn't deserve to be reelected. (Raw data is here.)

Now, what could possibly cause that? The highest unemployment rate in a generation? Trying a known 9-11 terrorist in a New York City jury trial? A preference for bowing to foreign heads of state? Closing Gitmo? Quadrupling the national debt in one year? Rapidly declining federal tax revenues? Record home foreclosure rates and personal bankruptcies? Attempting a government takeover of the best health care system in the world? Sitting by idly while Iran destabilizes the Middle East by developing nuclear weapons in open defiance of UN rules? Taking over not one, but two formerly productive auto companies and closing many of their dealerships in the midst of a recession? Upholding the ban on offshore drilling? Claiming success in Iraq when you were against the very troop surge that made it possible? Vilifying bankers, insurance companies, doctors and business people? Silently approving your Homeland Security Secretary's designation of Tea Partiers as terrorists? Installing self-avowed Communists and Mao worshippers into high office? Calling Cambridge Massachussetts police stupid after admitting you didn't have all the facts? All this and more in only your first year in office?


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