Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Bits of Tid, Super Bowl Edition

The winds are picking up, the boat's starting to move, by Jove! I think we're nearly out of the winter sports doldrums. Batten down the mizzen. Buckle the cleat. Drink the alcohol from the compass, full speed ahead!

This Sunday's Super Bowl looks to be a good one. The Indianapolis Colts are favored by 5 points over the upstart New Orleans Saints. While a first-ever victory by the Saints would give that city a great boost, this blog thinks that the experience of Peyton Manning and the Colts will be the determining factor. This blog predicts the Colts by a touchdown. Hopefully, it won't be a boring blowout. In which case, the focus of the game will become...

the commercials.

And the halftime show featuring the Who, but mostly the commercials.

One commercial already making a stir is the one starring Florida quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow. For a commercial that no one has seen yet, there seems to be a great deal of people angry at CBS, Tebow and Focus on the Family, sponsors of the ad.

Pro-abortion groups are up in arms, angry that CBS would air an ad that actually promotes families and family values. Never mind that the majority of Americans think families are such a good idea that we continue to produce them in record numbers. Their opposition is almost as ridiculous as those misguided souls who complain about Christmas. How can you possibly be opposed to babies?

Anywho, perhaps in a day not too far away, we'll recognize the proper place for politics and begin to exclude it from inappropriate places, like football games. And baseball games. And stock car races.  And basketball games. And soccer games...

Until that day, enjoy the game and may your favorite team win.

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