Tuesday, February 9, 2010

John Brennan says "We Need No Lectures". Oh, Really?

An op-ed by Deputy National Security Advisor John Brennan in USAToday online attempts to defend the gross mishandling of terrorists by the Obama administration. In it, he states that those who oppose the way terrorism is now being handled are on the side of al Qaeda.

Politically motivated criticism and unfounded fear-mongering only serve the goals of al-Qaeda.

Mr. Brennan, I'm going to disagree with you. It's time for a lecture.

We have enemies. That's nothing new. Anti-Americanism is as old as our country. In the past, our enemies fought us the good old-fashioned way: with guns and bombs. All we had to do was build better guns and bombs and use them more effectively in order to win. Battlefields were clearly defined since wars were primarily fought over land and property.

Today, our enemies aren't using only guns and bombs against us. Today our enemies are using anything they can find against us. Have you forgotten that 3000 innocents were brutally killed on 9-11 without one shot being fired? And that the weapons they used were our own airplanes? Our enemies are cunning and patient, willing to use our own resources against us in a world-wide battlefield.

Another weapon that our enemies seek to use is that of psychology. They want us scared and fearful of them. They think that if they demonstrate enough barbarity, we'll cower before them and submit. They also seek to use our own institutions against us. They relish the idea of getting a platform in a courtroom where their sympathizers can defend them in the name of American justice. They have no respect for the rule of law and see your attempts to put them on trial as weakness. Make no mistake, Mr. Brennan, justice is not what they seek, only victory against The Great Satan.

Mr. Brennan, you, President Obama and Eric Holder seemingly have no idea what you're up against. Our enemies hold in their hearts a hatred that burns with the fire of a thousand suns. They want nothing less than to see you plead for your life before they saw your head off, and laugh while they record the act for YouTube. They've made the choice to hate and they mock your puny efforts to talk them out of their beliefs.

If you truly love your country, as you claim, you need to become more brutal than our enemies. You need to understand that there's nothing wrong with killing bad guys who want you dead. You need to instill fear in them. They should be afraid to be caught by the US. They should know that they'll be squeezed of every last ounce of actionable intelligence about any plans and then executed. You need not be concerned with our image before the rest of the world.

They certainly aren't.

If you truly wish to win this war, then start acting like it.

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