Monday, February 22, 2010

America's Most Urgent Need: Jobs. Obama's Response:Here's My Health Care Plan

9.7% unemployment. Trillion-dollar federal deficits as far into the future as projectors can project. Tax revenues falling due to the economic downturn, with states hardest hit. Record numbers of people on food stamps. Personal bankruptcies at an all time high.

One would think that while in the midst of the most severe recession in generations, the White House would be focused laser-like on the economy. That they'd be exploring every way possible to revive it. That they'd be concerned with making the country hum with economic vitality, especially in the face of the massively expensive new government programs they envision.

One would be dead wrong.

Instead, President Obama will unveil his health care plan today. A plan that will cost the country over one trillion dollars and result in a massive, unecessary government takeover of one-sixth of the American economy. Not to mention poll after poll that shows America's outright rejection of the healthcare bill currently stalled in Congress.

It will do nothing to actually reduce the cost of insurance premiums. Tort reform is not part of the President's plan. Nor are there any plans to let the free market work to solve problems by allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines, as is currently the case with auto insurance. What it will do is introduce the country to the efficiency of the DMV and Amtrak in the doctor's office.

Make no mistake, this is a power grab by a Marxist administration: it will not end well. Your government does not care what you want.

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