Thursday, February 11, 2010

Roland Martin: Time for Obama to Go Gansta

CNN political analyst Roland Martin has some advice for President Obama: Go gansta on Republicans. He's referring to Alabama Senator Richard Shelby's blocking of the president's appointments to key positions that bypass Congressional approval. Appointments like noted (and self-described) communist Van Jones.

Just for the record, Shelby is correct in blocking any further appointments by Obama, especially when they're as far out of the mainstream of America as Jones. And Cass Sunstein. and Carol Browner.

What Mr. Martin fails to realize is that America doesn't want radical leftists anywhere near the Oval Office. Obama is of the opinion that since he was raised by radicals and chose to surround himself with radicals in order to look like one of the "cool kids" in college, that everyone in the country thinks that radical leftist ideology is just fine.

Ummm, no, Mr. President, one is enough, thank you.

Another thing that Martin doesn't realize is that the average American recognizes the need for a certain decorum for the office of President. The office should be respected: spoken and written about in a manner that bespeaks seriousness and deliberation, deep thought and a genuine concern for the outcome of decisions that affect a great number of people and decides the course of a nation.

Snoop Dog need not apply.

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