Thursday, September 23, 2010

Congressional GOP Agree: "The top down way of governing is outdated and just plain backwards"

Thankyuh, thankyuhverumuch, as Elvis would say, were he here and not running that convenience store on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

Congressional GOP members unveiled their Pledge to America today. A draft is circulating around the Internet, here's a link to Gateway Pundit's post along with the pledge. Michelle Malkin's analysis is here. Do take the time to read it for yourself.

My take is that's it's a good start. It also removes the Dems assertion that the opposition hasn't come up with a viable alternative to Obama's policies. They have all along, it's just that the Democrat leadership in Congress has dismissed their proposals out of hand and then lied to the country about it.

Candidate Obama campaigned as one thing, a self-described blank slate upon which we wrote our own version of his vague promises. President Obama has ruled as something altogether different, a virulent anti-American. His distorted view of the nation has expressed itself in a myriad of ways, from bowing to heads of state overseas to the massive growth and intrusion of government into areas of American life that were previously untouched.

As Obama was told on Monday of this week, we're tired.

Hopefully, when the GOP wrests control of Congress away from Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, we can begin to change the course that has been set against our will. There are a few ideas in this Pledge that are greatly encouraging, such as the insistence that any new bill cite it's constitutional authority. This provision gives the GOP a club with which to bludgeon their progressive opponents. It's a masterful stroke, made all the better since they came up with it first. I expect hilarity to ensue when we start to hear the stammering from the left side of the aisle when they try to justify another one of their Big Brother bills.

Congressional Republicans should be aware that the county is far more engaged and informed about the goings-on in Washington than ever before. Should they use this Pledge to assume control and then fail to implement it, the wrath of the country will come down on them too. Issues are behind this new "red wave" of national discontent. Personalities have been pushed into the background. No longer will a pretty face and an empty promise be enough to get elected. We expect, scratch that, we demand that Washington  consider the needs of everyone in the nation, not just the special interests like radical environmental groups, communist union leaders, and anti-war protestors that funnel money into their coffers and start legislating accordingly.

After two years of Obama and four years of "progressives" in control of Congress, the nation has had just about enough hope and change. We want the other kind, the kind that doesn't suck.

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