Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Bits of Tid, College Football Edition

Look. Up in the sky. It's a bird. It's a plane. It's a football!

According to the crawler on one of the ESPN channels last night our most recent Heisman Trophy winner, Alabama running back Mark Ingram, will sit out tomorrow's game against Brownie Troop #318 San Jose State with a knee injury. Get well soon, Mark, your team has a national title to defend.

Heavy drinkers outlive their teetotaling counterparts. As a bonus, after we die you can use our livers as a doorstop.

And speaking of alcohol, I want this guy's job. And some fried beer. Then we can go, um, canoeing.

Scientists create dry water. Just add water.

The future is "...a communist chocolate hellhole, and I'm here to stop it ever happening."

"Honey, please don't sneeze." Woman gives birth in a vehicle for the second time.

It's Allliiive!

"Dear, we'll be gone for a while. Did you remember to turn off the gardenias?"

"Dude, that shot was a real worm burner."

And finally, I guess this dog got bored playing poker.

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