Monday, September 27, 2010

Who's Defending American Values? Czech President Vaclav Havel (plus other goodies)

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I am deeply humbled.

Here are a few things for you to read while BackwardsGirl and I are busy taping up boxes.


Czech president tells UN to stay the hell out of economics. And we don't want your "global governance" crap either. There is just no way that America will put up with any kind of foreign governance that we don't directly elect, and if anyone in this administration thinks that we will, well, they just don't know us very well. In case they've forgotten, we fought a war over that very thing a while back. We're stubborn like that.

Canadian economist Nassim Nicholas Taleb says what we all know, namely that Obama's economic policies have done more harm than good. If Obama was trying to sink our economy, would he be doing anything different than what he's currently doing? Methinks not. Had he spent more time around teachers and classmates that could have taught him something instead of trying not to look like a "sellout" by hanging around radicals, he might not be enjoying his record dive in poll approval. But, as the twig is bent, so grows the tree.


Here is an example of why we need to rid government of lawyers. Swingsets are being removed from West Virginia elementary schools. I know I'm carbon-dating myself when I tell you that when I was growing up, kids got hurt on the playground all the time. Bangs, cuts, bruises, and scrapes were worn as a badge of honor, not as the basis for some greedy lawyer courting an overly-distraught, overly-protective mother who thinks that her children should never, ever, experience any sort of pain or disappointment in life whatsoever. How is a child supposed to deal with pain if he or she never has the chance to experience it and realize that it's only temporary? Or learn that the human body has a great capacity for healing itself?

I have an idea - why not keep the swingsets and pass a law that prevents lawyers from suing over their use? Let the lawyers lobby scream all they want. We're facing a very real danger of being litigated to death as a nation. This type of legal BS must stop. And we wonder why we have a child obesity problem...


Here's the dirty little secret that Big Green doesn't want you to know. Wind farms are not cost effective. For the cost of one wind farm in England, they could have built a nuclear plant that produces thirteen times the amount of power and takes up far less space.

At some point, the laws of physics and common sense must prevail in the quest to provide a growing population with affordable energy. Wind farms are great as an addition, but as not the primary source of power generation. The wind doesn't always blow. There's also the problem of storage for the power which, with existing technology, consists of large, environmentally unfriendly batteries. Not to mention the fact that they are a constant drain on limited economic resources.

Compare and contrast

Thou Shalt Not Kill versus Jihadi Etiquette - How to behead an infidel without offending your host. (courtesy of The Jawa Report)

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