Monday, September 6, 2010

Friday Bits of Tid, Labor Day Monday Edition

Hey, it's a holiday. At least for those lucky enough to have a job, that is. Today is a good day for more football, golf, and saving beers from an icy death. Oh, and cooking outside.

Now I'm hungry. And thirsty.

Let the games begin...

There's a boob joke in there somewhere. Politician raffles off breast implant. Maybe more than one.

Lloyd's of London is insuring Pittsburgh Steelers' Troy Polamalu's hair for $1M, not his hands.

Homeless man calls from hot tub to request a cup of hot chocolate and a hug. I'm sure his new cellmate, Bubba, will be glad to accommodate him.

Taking a tourist's first question and turning it into a tour.

While we're *ahem* on the subject, how much am I bid for J. D. Salinger's toilet? $1 million going once, twice... and now on to our next item, John Lennon's loo.

Founding member of ELO killed not by rock and roll lifestyle, but by a bale of hay.

Send your child to Drake University where the standards are high.


What is this world coming to when an ad for a handbag company is deemed too sexy for Italy? Prudes.

And finally, Zack Nash for President.

Y'all enjoy y'all selves, back to the grind tomorrow...

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