Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tea Party Calling Thurston Howell III…Hmm, The Line’s Busy Again


Last nights’ Republican primaries resulted in upset wins for Tea Party candidates running against established incumbents, with Christine O’Donnell being the biggest surprise, winning over long-time Delaware Representative Mike Castle. Other Tea Party nominees also won in New York and New Hampshire.

Heh heh, not too shabby for a party that technically doesn’t exist.

No official national spokeshuman. No official Political Action Committee. No money, at least compared to the national GOP and Dems.

Just ideas, and simple ones at that: Reduce the size and scope of government, be fiscally responsible, keep our friends close and our enemies within visual range, drastically reduce Washington’s footprint on our daily lives by sticking to a strict interpretation of our Constitution. You know, all that knuckle-dragging, far-right-wing-nut radical stuff that’s so old and worn out.

If there’s a down side to last night’s latest Red Wave, it’s the news that the GOP won’t be helping Christine O’Donnell in her battle for the Delaware Senate seat formerly held by the Democrat’s version of Forrest Gump, Joe Biden, proving once again that the American public is far ahead of the Washington establishment.

Why can’t Michael Steele and company catch up to mainstream conservative/American thought?

For years, conservatives have been told that they need to establish a “big tent” strategy to include as many folk as possible. Republican party leaders admitted that they'd allowed themselves to be mischaracterized as a tight clique of blue-blooded, aristocratic snobs for generations. Despite GOP support for such groundbreaking human rights legislation as the Civil Rights Act and the abolition of slavery, Democrats managed to portray everyone in the GOP as Thurston Howell III. This enabled them to appeal to a wider demographic as the party of the little guy and it worked for a long time, particularly in the South where I grew up as the product of a Dixiecrat. “There are always good times when a Democrat is in office” was a phrase I heard often from my mother.

Nowhere was this more evident than in George McGovern’s presidential campaign in 1972 when he famously lamented that fat-cat businessmen could deduct the cost of their three-martini lunch while Joe Six-Pack couldn’t deduct the price of his ham sandwich.

However, in recent years, the pendulum has swung in the other direction and Democrats are now the party of Big Money. Curiously, they still push the image as being a friend of the working man, even when the anti-Christ, billionaire George Soros, famous for his radical left-wing views and history of destroying entire country's monetary systems, is funding the Democrat machine. Think Progress and Media Matters are but two of his organizations committed to turning America into one of his holding companies with every American as a minimum-wage-slave, along with the aid of somebody called Barack Obama.

Our current recession/depression has had a profound effect on the national psyche, due in equal parts to the alarm of working folks losing half their retirement accounts overnight and all the spare time the large numbers of unemployed find on their hands. Everybody’s suffering in one form or another and this has led to a conservative awakening of epic, nay, Biblical proportions. The “big tent” theory wound up being a sort of Democrat-Lite version of the GOP where we were offered RINOs in large numbers in an effort to capitalize on the growing number of Americans who called themselves Democrats. The GOP was after the soft, chewy center of independent voters who just can’t seem to find their own set of values and tend to follow the crowd right off the cliff.

Today’s American voter has been the recipient of this Republican moderation, good and hard. Going along to get along with a Democrat party that has no interest in the little guy is what got us into this mess. The so-called “ruling class” is overwhelmingly left-liberal while the country leans to the right. This disparity has led to the outright political revolt that has become the Tea Party movement where RINOs are no longer welcome.

The issues are now what matters. The candidates’ track record is on display instead of their rhetoric. The nation wants action, not promises. We want a government that actually acts on our behalf, benefitting the majority and ignoring the delusional screams of the various left-wing radical groups and their manufactured outrage.

We want the tide to rise so everyone’s ship can get off this reef.

*UPDATE - John Cornyn pledges NSRC support for O'Donnell. Yay!

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