Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Bits of Tid, Moving Day Edition

BackwardsGirl and I are moving into a new place. So if posts are shorter or don't follow their normal pattern, that's why. As I mentioned last Friday, you're all invited to help. Free pizza and beer and aspirin for all! Just don't drop anything, OK?

Swedish scientists say they can build whatever animal you want to eat. Excellent! I'll take a critter that eats weeds, poops filet mignon, and guards the house.

"I'm warning you, I have a zucchini and I'm not afraid to use it! Now scram!"

School billboard misspells one word by just a hair.

Polly wants a cracker restraining order.

So, like, dude, how am I supposed to get rid of this wicked case of cotton-mouth, man? California beer sellers oppose marijuana legalization.

From Gateway Pundit, The Forgotten Man.

Ace of Spades now has its' very own private label of beer. Fittingly, after three of them, about all you're able to say is "Arghhh" since it has a whopping 18.5% alcohol content. Not that any of us would notice after all these years spent pickling what's left of our livers in Valu-Rite vodka.

And finally, courtesy of The Jawa Report, this edition is brought to you by the Potty Putter.

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