Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bad Economic News Gets Worse Under Obama Regime

Here's a question for the 52% of voters who elected Barack Obama president: Is this economy what you voted for? And if you could go back in time and vote again, would you vote the same way?

Yes, I know that's a loaded question, but it should also be an easy one, if you've been paying attention.

Now here's another question: Do you think circumstances magically appear out of nowhere or is there a reason why things happen? In other words, do you believe in Cause and Effect?

I'd wager that you've seen Cause and Effect in action, probably more than once. You may have even seen an Effect become another Cause. If so, then welcome to the real world. I'll be your host for today's lesson in economics as practiced in Washington by the Obama administration and the Progressive Democrats in Congress.

One year into this disaster, our economy is in its' worst shape in generations. If you've been keeping up, and I know it's not easy, then you know that our current economic woes just happen to have begun with the Democrat retaking of Congress in 2006. They were installed in January 2007, just around the time our economy began its downward spiral. The election of a Democrat president in 2008 gave us rule by just one party and things have gone downhill for the country ever since. If you doubted Cause and Effect before, this one statistic should make you a believer.

In just the past few weeks we've been assaulted with one bad economic report followed by another bad report. From Robert Reich comes his assesement of a gloomy jobs forecast. USA Today reports of the dangers of our mounting debt, the Washington Times reminds those who are still lucky enough to be employed that their income has fallen during Obama's tenure, Breitbart informs us that business bankruptcies rose 52% in 2009.

None of this is unexpected, especially when you look at this chart of Obama administration Cabinet members with business experience. The graph is startling and should convince you of the Principle of Cause and Effect, if you didn't believe it before.

Each and every effort by this administration to engineer the economy has resulted in failure: TARP, the so-called Stimulus Package, Cash for Clunkers, all have resulted in higher numbers of unemployed and reduced tax revenue. Nothing that was promised in these massive government programs has materialized. If Obama were the CEO of a corporation with an outlook this dismal, he would've been fired. Unfortunately, we have to wait until 2012 to replace him. Congressonal elections come sooner and provide us with at least the hope of turning things around.

What is needed in Washington is a complete makeover. We need to find candidates who understand that our future depends on our capitalistic free market, with free being the operative word. Americans need good paying jobs and it's not protectionism or jingoism or any other kind of "ism" to want to achieve that goal. We had it once and gave it away. We need to drastically roll back government regulations and restrict the role of Washingtons' meddling in the market, such as what we have witnessed in the mortgage meltdown where a bad peice of legislation, the Community Redevelopment Act, forced banks to lend to people who couldn't previously qualify for a home loan. This insanity must stop and be reversed.

Our best bet comes this November when we can vote the economic illiterates out of Washington and begin to elect representatives who will promote American values and remove the damaging influence of corrupt progressive politics in the marketplace.

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