Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Bits of Tid, Good Friday Edition

This blog would like to wish everyone (meaning both of my readers) a very happy Good Friday and Easter Sunday. May your weekend be filled with His Love, Kindness and Forgiveness as we contemplate the victory over Earthly death that ocurred some 2000 years ago.

This is a good Friday for several reasons. The first one is this poll from CBS News that shows The Vapid One's approval numbers at a new low of 44%. What makes this poll significant is that it was conducted after the passage of the HealthCare Takover Law. And in what can only be described as somewhat ironic is the ratings results that show CBS and ABC news viewership numbers tanking. America's growing dissatisfaction with Obama and his tongue-bathers in the media is becoming too big to ignore. You can insult the country only so long...

Another Friday bit of goodness comes the admission from the climate scientist that created the Gaia meme that "Trying to save the planet is a lot of nonsense". More of this, please. It takes time for the average person to awaken to the dismal reality that there are folks out there who take great glee in misleading you for their own selfish reasons. Nowhere has this been more evident than in "climate science", one arm of radical environmentalism, and perhaps its most destructive. Whomever was responsible for the revelation of the CRU climate data information should be given a Nobel Prize for exposing the truth behind the AGW hoax.

Finally, for grins and giggles, check out this NRSC ad highlighting all the wonderfullness that is Obama. H/T  to that smart military blog, Ace of Spades Headquarters.

Happy Good Friday and a have a joyous Easter.

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