Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Debt Bomb and How to Disarm It

There's a real, live bomb about to explode in Washington. The destruction will be more devastating than you can imagine. It will bring the entire country to its' knees. It was constructed by our enemies in full view of everyone over the past year. We know where it is and know the code to disarm it, but no one has the strength to actually do what needs to be done to save the country from destruction.

Sounds like this season of 24? We should be so lucky to have someone like Jack Bauer on our side in this instance.

No, this is real life. This bomb has money at its core. And if this thing goes off, we won't see an explosion, we'll see an implosion of the American economy on a scale that'll make the Depression look like the good ol' days.

There hasn't been much talk of the results of the irresponsible spending by Congress since Barack Obama was elected. It seemed somehow inconceivable to many that a president would run up a debt that literally endangers the country's financial future, but that is precisely what has happened. Aided by the corrupt progressives in this Congress, we're just now finding out that the breathtaking amount of red ink that Washington is treading will come with a steep price.

Here are the Fox News All-Stars discussing the issue:

Noticeably absent in this discussion is the simple solution to this problem: stop spending. I mean, come on, people, this isn't rocket science. There is no difference between the accounting methods in Washington and balancing your checkbook except the number of zeros behind their numbers. In order to stop this bomb from detonating, all we have to do is reduce the size of our government.

Just as easily as the debt has been run up, it can be reduced. All it takes is the right people in Congress who understand the threat and will take concrete steps to avert the disaster that surely awaits us if this debt isn't brought under control quickly.

In the business world (a foreign land to most of the Obama administration) there's an axiom that if your costs are higher than your competitor, your competitor will sell more of his product because his product will cost less than yours. This is called "pricing yourself out of the market". It's been a widely held belief that because there's no competition for a government, the cost of government could rise without consequence. We're seeing that this is no longer the case. We've been skating on the edge of fiscal responsibilty for several years, but now the warnings are too dire and numerous to ignore. Our government has grown far too large and unwieldy and has now become a great drain on our economy.

If this sound vaguely familiar to those from the Woodstock generation, it should. It's a radical, left-wing strategy designed to destroy an institution, in this case, American society. It's called the Clowawrd-Piven Strategy. If you're not familiar with it and its history, use this link as a starting point and learn what your enemies already know. Google the term, for there is much to know to counter the corrupt progressives in Congress who want nothing less than the downfall of the country and are doing their dead-level best to insure that this bomb goes off as scheduled.

Where is Jack Bauer when we really need him?

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