Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You Too Can Become A Propagandist!

Hey, America. Have you ever watched a propaganda film, maybe from Hitler's Germany during WWII or perhaps that flick about the latest advancements in Cuban medicine and said to yourself, "I could do that."

Here's your chance, America. You too can now make propaganda films for your government. No experience necessary. Just visit your Environmental Protection Agency's website for instructions on how to become the next Michael Moore or Joseph Goebbels.

Your friends and neighbors will gasp in amazement as you direct them to http://www.regulations.gov/ in order to show them how the regulatory process works and why it's important for all the agencies in Washington. You'll be able to tell everyone that federal regulations touch nearly every aspect of modern American life, from that morning cup of coffee to the television show you watch while you drink that cup of regulated coffee, all the way down to the air you breathe while you watch the regulated TV program and drink your regulated coffee. Maybe, if you're lucky enough, you'll get to explain why the EPA also wants to regulate your breath.

Just think of the newfound respect you'll earn as a trusted member of our great society. Nobody will be able to refute you when you tell them all the regulations that accompany the vague laws that Congress can't bother to read before passing are actually laws themselves and carry the full weight of fines and jail time. Watch the amusement on their faces when you tell them that the number of regulations outnumber the laws by roughly ten to one! If your friends ever wondered why America can't compete with other countries in the global economy, when you're finished with your very own propaganda spot, they'll know.

And now for the best part. You have a chance to win $2500. That's right, you could win $2500 of your own money!

So, get to work. Charge up those videocams and start documenting how the thousands of regulations that our Founders never envisioned work to keep the U S government in business controlling you, your family and your future.

Do it today!

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Reality Check: FAIL said...

I'm impressed by the way you decry propaganda while simultaneously delivering talking points.

The large negative trade deficit is an issue, but it is hardly indicative of government regulation destroying the nation. The United States remains the nation with the largest GDP in history.