Monday, April 5, 2010

Progressivism vs Americanism.

It's Monday and time for your reading assignment. On March 31, Representative Paul Ryan gave this speech to the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs.

In it, he outlines the many failures of the current administration and wonders if the path we choose in 2008 is the right one for the country. If we were to consider the accomplishments since that time, there's no other conclusion to reach: the Obama presidency, along with Reid and Pelosi's "leadership" in Congress, has been a grand disaster.

If America were a business, it would be bankrupt. Coincidentally, that is just one of the problems we face due to the profligate spending habits of an out-of-control Congress that happens to be populated with "progressives". I put that word in quotes because any sentient being can see the course that "progressives" are pursuing has nothing to do with progress at all. In fact, all indicators show we're moving backwards, not forwards. Normally, considering this blog's title, I'd be giddy. But when the fortunes of a country such as ours are being reversed on purpose, it's not cause for celebration.

Quite the opposite: it's time for us to declare idealogical war against "progressivism". The more we learn about them, the more we find out that their philosophy has more in common with the disease of post-modernism and nothing at all to do with Americanism.

For a quick lesson in po-mo politics as embodied by the Obama administration, here's an article by Victor Davis Hanson over at Pajamas Media.

If you've never heard of post-modernism, let me save you some time - don't waste yours reading any of it. Everything I've found is merely gobbledygook dreamed up by pseudo-intellectuals who want you to think they're smart. Postmodernism posits that there are no absolutes in life, no right, no wrong, no nothing. How such blatant bullshit ever became popular in certain circles, or even published at all, is a constant source of puzzlement. However, that doesn't prevent the tragically hip from believing in it, just as many belive in the tenets of "progressivism".

The two philosophies are intertwined. To "progressives", the skyrocketing federal deficit means nothing, record high unemployment numbers mean nothing, our engineered decline as a world power for good means nothing and the will of the people means nothing. Above all, political honesty, character and principle mean nothing. Those in Washington who profess themselves to be "progressives" have little in their heart except the lust for power and self-importance, and the overwhelming compulsion to control you.

Given that, how do we go about purging Washington of this desease? For starters, find anyone who believes in the myth of "man-made climate change" and vote them out of office. Ditto with anyone who voted for the government takeover of the healthcare industry. Educate yourself - read, read, read. Ponder within yourself the accuracy of all that you read, including this blog, then read some more. Listen to political talk radio. Discuss issues with your friends, politely, of course. If they disagree with you, all the better. Look upon it as an opportunity to learn and perhaps, to persuade.

Our country's future is at stake along with your personal future. It's vitally important that you become educated about issues and reject the efforts of "progressives" to damage the country.

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