Monday, April 19, 2010

Heh. 4 Out of 5 Americans Don't Trust Big Government

This is heartening and helps to explain the rise in popularity of the Tea Party movement. A Pew Research Center poll shows the distrust that everyday Americans have for a large, invasive government. According to the results, this doesn't bode well for incumbents of either party up for reelection in the next few election cycles. Only 22 per cent of Americans say they trust government almost always or most of the time. Congressional approval numbers have fallen by half in one year, down from 50% to 25%.

And this little statistic directly refutes former President Bill Clinton that if you don't like the current administration, then you are automatically on the verge of exploding into a blind rage at the next public gathering:

Despite the attention captured by demonstrations and other expressions of anti-government sentiment, Americans’ feelings about the federal government run more toward frustration rather than anger. In the current survey, 56% say they are frustrated with the federal government, 21% say they are angry and 19% say they are basically content.
(Emphasis mine, for those in the LSM who have trouble reading)

Hmmm, could someone be advancing a false notion of the Tea Partiers? I wonder...

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