Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another Real, Live, Blog Post

I'm starting to notice that I can't keep up with all the stuff going on, at least on the opinion side of it. Me, Alabama, slow, you know the drill.

And since variety is the spice of life, (and here I always thought it was Tiger Sauce, which is great on eggs, with a beer, which is the official after-gig breakfast) I thought all eight of you might enjoy another post that looks more like a real, live, blog. I kinda enjoy them too.

I watched Obama's presser yesterday about the budget negotiations. Several things struck me, chief among them is the very casual attitude of this President in general. The second thing I noticed was his overall demeanor, that of someone who suddenly discovers he's losing a very expensive hand of poker. I coulda swore I saw some genuine fear in his eyes there a few times. It was subtle to be sure, but still, I've learned to trust these little flashes of insight, however small they may be.

Another thing I've noticed about Obama is his intellectual inconsistency. He will literally say anything at any time on any subject to advance his power and his own sense of self. Here he is in 2009, saying that raising taxes in the middle of a recession is a bad idea. And here he is yesterday digging in his rhetorical heels about the need for a "balanced" approach to the debt problem, which means he wants to raise taxes dramatically to fund what we were told was a temporary increase in spending.

This lack of a consistent stance is indicative of a larger problem. Living in a swirl of thought like a fart in a hurricane is no way for President to be. However, he did once mention that he was a blank screen upon which the nation could project any political impression of him it wished. Um, maybe we thought we were looking in a mirror...

Obama speaks, the Dow drops. There's a bumper sticker in there somewhere.

My Senator, Marco Rubio, knocks it out of the park with this statement, "Everything is worse under Obama." Video at the link.

What President Obama Doesn't Understand About Americans and the Debt Ceiling Debate, from Fox News online. This is not an all-inclusive list, by the way.

Today is the day the bill to repeal the incandescent light bulb ban goes to a vote in Congress. You might want to give your legislator a call and recommend that he/she/it vote in favor. Also, George Bush, what in the hell were you thinking when you signed this bill?

Also, there's an important local vote out in Los Angeles today. Janice Hahn, who has been funneling money to local gang members, among other nefarious acts, must be defeated in her bid for the 36th California Congressional seat. All the sordid details are here. If you know anyone out there who lives in that district, please let them know about this and the importance of keeping her out of office. It's all of our civic duty.

OK, that about wraps it up for this edition of BlogBoy.

Unless, of course, you'd like a little space rock with some politics mixed in. If you've never heard of the band Klaatu, you are in for a real treat, especially if you like progressive music. This is one case in which the word "progressive" actually means something good. If you have a good sound system or headphones, crank it up.

To set this song up for you, it's about some space farers who travel around the universe in eighty days and happen upon the ruins of an ancient civilization about which next to nothing is known, except that they aren't around anymore.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present Politzania.

Or, the Obama National Anthem.

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