Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Bits of Tid - Fourth of July Edition

Whee! It's Friday and time to gear up for the biggest right-wing, conservative, Democrats-not-allowed celebration of the year, according to this study by Harvard University.

"The political right has been more successful in appropriating American patriotism and its symbols during the 20th century. Survey evidence also confirms that Republicans consider themselves more patriotic than Democrats. According to this interpretation, there is a political congruence between the patriotism promoted on Fourth of July and the values associated with the Republican party. Fourth of July celebrations in Republican dominated counties may thus be more politically biased events that socialize children into Republicans," write Harvard Kennedy School Assistant Professor David Yanagizawa-Drott and Bocconi University Assistant Professor Andreas Madestam."
And their point would be, what, exactly? Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't find anything wrong with friends and family, hotdogs and hamburgers, cold beer, American history, music, and fireworks. Oh, and a NASCAR race.

If it's good enough for John Lennon, it's good enough for me. He grew into a Republican in his later years.

Red tids, white bits, and blue Fridays all around!

While you're grilling this weekend, try some bacon jam. (h/t to David Thompson)

This sounds like fun. A sleepover inside a zoo. In a treehouse. Count me in.

Leather and Harleys just go together, but a leather Harley? I guess that couldn't be any stranger than what I've seen at Bike Week.

"May the fleas be with you," said Yoda, the World's Ugliest Dog. Love her, you will.

Iran plans to send a monkey into space. What will they do without Ahmadinejad?


"The Oxford comma is what separates us from the animals." Damn. I always thought it was a bent-up coathanger.

I'm sorry to end on a sad note, but I lost one of my best friends on Wednesday. Ronnie "Byrd" Foster was a fantastic musician, a mentor, and a wonderful guy. All of his friends held a fund raiser last Sunday for him, and it was truly a magical event. The love for him was felt by everyone on stage and in the crowd. He played drums for blues guitarist Roy Buchanan during the '70's and was a local legend in his hometown of Pittsburgh and here.

The best night I ever had onstage was with him. He will be missed.

Embedding has been disabled, but he can be seen and heard here and here.

Godspeed, my brother. We will meet again.

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