Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

Short post today. Just a couple of things for your consideration and hopefully your enjoyment as you grill, watch fireworks and enjoy time with family and friends.

There is a nobility in fighting for good that few understand. And it does require fighting. The forces of evil are never far away and are relentless in their desire to destroy the good. We must fight back with resolve in order to preserve the goodness of mankind, secure in the knowledge that we are fighting the good fight.

Here's to you America. Happy 235th Birthday from Michelle Malkin. May you have many more.

And this comes courtesy of The Jawa Report.

And here are some recipes from the WSJ Online.

And finally, I'd like to plug my secret for great grilling, Dale's Seasoning. Naturally, it's from Alabama and the only thing I ever put on any meat on my grill. You will never taste a better burger in your life. The trick is not to use too much, I only brush the patties twice, and for some reason that I've yet to figure out, you also need to paint the sides of them too, again, only twice. You can use it on beef and chicken.
And definitely don't use it as a marinade. It's meant only for grilling, as part of the delicious flavor comes from the smoke created as it drips on the charcoal (no gas for me).

I take credit for introducing this wonderful stuff to Publix supermarkets, as they didn't stock it when I first moved down here. You're welcome.

Have a great Fourth, y'all.

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