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Our Current Economic Crisis and How to Solve it

It’s Monday and time to get out the razor blades and draw a warm bath.

Good Morning!

I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend free from the political shenanigans going on in Washington over the debt crisis, I really was. But Friday nights’ dueling press conferences between President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner was too good to miss.

The contrast was glaring. President Obama held his presser first. Thanks to NiceDeb, here is the video.

What we saw was a president who is clearly aware he’s losing the battle of the budget. He was petulant and impatient; it was all over his face. His demeanor was unseemly for the Leader of the Free World. There was very little in the way of facts. All he did was try to shift the blame for the budget crisis onto the Republicans.

By comparison, Speaker Boehner was calm and collected, one could almost say defiant. Again, from NiceDeb, Boehner’s press conference.

Overall, I get the impression that Boehner is the adult in the room, not Obama, despite the presidents’ attempt to appear that way, aided and abetted by a compliant (and lying) media.

At some point, reality will intrude. I don’t think it will happen all at once, but there are growing signs that President Obama and the Senate Democrats, led by Harry Reid, are losing the public debate over the debt and the deficit.

If it weren’t so serious, it would be comical. On the one hand, there is Obama desperately trying to bankrupt the country and using every rhetorical trick in the Progressive playbook to make it appear as though it’s the Republicans who got us into this mess. Obama seems to be saying, “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

On the other hand is Boehner, whose exasperation level seems to be rising exponentially with every passing day. He truly does realize that something has to be done to cut spending and that right soon.

And so do the American people. Polls are showing the President losing support, even among Democrats. That’s a bit misleading, though, as the Dems are unhappy that he appears to be waffling in his insistence upon a larger and more intrusive federal government than the country has ever seen before.

Someone needs to explain that to me. How can anyone look around today and say that anything this president and the last Congress has done has worked to America’s benefit?

Unemployment stands at 9.2%. It was 7.8% at the beginning of Obama’s term. Real inflation is around 10%, not the miniscule number of around 1.5% that Washington uses. Gasoline prices are nearly double what they were in January of ’09. And I don’t have to tell you that the price of groceries has nearly doubled in four years.

Gentle reader, none of this is happening by accident. None of it.

It’s the direct result of a command-and-control economy that is being commanded and controlled by people who want us to suffer.

I hate to sound so pessimistic about that, but there’s no other explanation. We’re being screwed on purpose. And make no mistake, there are people who are profiting quite nicely, thank you, from our travails.

One of the most prominent beneficiaries just so happens to be one of the architects of this crisis, Nancy Pelosi. Her net worth increased, and you’d better sit down for this one, a whopping 62% last year. I’ll bet y’all know of at least one friend whose worth decreased that much over the last few years.

Harry Reid’s personal worth increased also, and to be fair, so did John Boehner’s. So it would seem everyone in Washington is on the gravy train.

Too bad we’re not on it too.

Now, there is a very popular misconception amongst radical leftists and Progressives (but I repeat myself) that capitalism is a zero-sum game. To decode this for you, that means that in order for one person to gain, that gain must come from someone else’s loss.

I’m sorry, but if you really believe that, you need a constant reminder to breathe. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If that were true, then no economy would experience any growth, period. Think about it and you’ll come to the inevitable conclusion that those who think that way have been conditioned, which is merely a polite word for brainwashed.

For the longest time, I, and probably you too, gave this administration the benefit of the doubt when it came to their economic policies. However, that was then and this is now. After two years of declining economic numbers, we are coming to the sad conclusion that what’s happening to our economy is being done on purpose.

I’ve outlined one possible cause, that of outside pressures being brought on our economy for the expressed reason of bringing us down. I’m not alone in considering that possibility. Here’s a link to an interview that you should hear. Yeah, it’s dull and dry, since it’s about economics, but it’s well worth listening to. It’s from an economist named Catherine Austin Fitts and its entitled “Now That We Got Your Money, We’re Going to Change the Deal.” Once more, thanks to NiceDeb, who’s proving to be a valuable source of the obscure, and a good blog buddy, too.

Of course, no discussion on economics would be complete without me doing my Ron White imitation and dancing on my soapbox. So, for your consideration, I’d like to propose a solution to our problem. I’m generous that way.

We need to retreat from this whole idea of a global economy. I know, we’re being told it’s the wave of the future and everybody’s doing it and there will be rainbows, unicorns and skittles for everyone if we do.

Much like global warming or climate change or whatever that’s being called this week, this whole notion of a global economy is based on the false premise of multiculturalism. As you know, that’s the idea that all cultures are equal and therefore equally good. We all share the same values and ideals and we will all work together in glorious harmony for the greater good of mankind.

Kinda sounds like a workers’ paradise, doesn’t it? Now, where have I heard that before? Hmmm...

It’s worth noting that environmentalism is part and parcel of the New World Order of things. Check any study on it, particularly from that august body of internationalism, the United Nations, and you’ll see the environmental buzzword “sustainability.”

Let me get my decoder ring out again for you. That word doesn’t mean what you think it means. It’s another false premise, that there are too many people in the world consuming too much of its natural resources and that the industrial economic model cannot support this growing population.

That’s just a lie, plain and simple. The only thing restricting the exploration and harvesting of our natural resources is government. Capitalism and freedom have done more to elevate the condition of man than any other form of economy.

And that’s a fact.

Why are third-world countries third-world countries? You need look no further than their governments, the overwhelming majority of which are dictatorships. The people aren’t free, nor will their strongman governments permit such freedom. Such is power.

Here’s my solution. I know that I’ll be called all sorts of names for even suggesting this like xenophobic and nationalist and all that, but I really don’t care.

A global economy cannot work. What we need to do is concentrate our efforts on America first. This means that we should be enacting new laws to spur investment by American companies here at home. We should also repeal laws that have been shown to be detrimental to our economy, like NAFTA and GATT. A robust and diverse economy at home should be the policy of our government along with a dedication for us to have the highest standard of living in the world.

We are still the world’s largest economy. We should be taking advantage of that market by making our own products here while producing enough extra for export and trade with other countries. We can compete in a global market, but it must be favorable to us first. And as this effort towards a global economy is currently being implemented, the goal is not for other countries to move to more freedom for their people, the goal is to dismantle our freedoms and our economy for redistribution to the rest of the enslaved world.

This is the wrong way to go and we know it.

The world isn’t fair or equal, despite the intentions of many powerful people to make it that way. They see our success as something to be plundered. This is nothing but envy on their part.

If we keep on electing politicians who think of themselves as ”citizens of the world” instead of Americans, we are doomed for no good reason.

It’s time for America to rediscover and reinvent herself.

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