Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mr. President, It’s Time for You to Surrender

Budget talks between Obama and Congressional Republicans have broken down again. According to reports, this time it is President Obama who abruptly walked out of negotiations after telling Eric Cantor, “Don’t call my bluff.”

Mr. President, this is no bluff. This is serious. And you, sir, are not acting in a serious manner.

Americans are growing tired of your insistence on an ever-larger government, even in the face of history making debt. Your efforts to fundamentally transform America are to blame for our anemic recovery, the worst in several generations. You have run up more debt than all your predecessors combined.

And yet you press on, seemingly oblivious to the destruction you, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have caused in your crusade to make Washington the decider of all things American.

You demand that Congress continue to implement your misguided policies. That is not what the American people want. We displayed our discontent with your policies last November. You said it was a shellacking. America gave a clear mandate to those whom we elected to stop your policies. Now, when you are confronted with two choices for our nations’ future, you continue to choose your path instead of the clear will of America.

We want your irresponsible spending stopped immediately.

You do not seem to be aware of what you have done, Mr. President. You bear a great duty to the country, a duty that you have ignored. You are directly responsible for the greatest waste of human capital America has ever seen. Millions are out of work, many after decades with the same company. Many of us have been forced to settle for jobs outside of their chosen fields. Computer Programmers are forced to work as receiving clerks, machinists are forced to work at grocery stores, all trying to get by until our economy returns to normal.

And we hear from your administration that we are in the “new normal.”

Seniors who must live on fixed incomes are seeing their limited funds squeezed further by the inflation that you have caused in your mistaken quest to stimulate the economy by printing more paper dollars. Gasoline prices are approaching record highs thanks to your unwillingness to make our country truly energy independent. Your unofficial and illegal moratoriums on oil drilling have forced many workers onto welfare rolls as they watch once-productive oil rigs leave the Gulf of Mexico for more profitable waters.

Time and again, we have watched as the programs you championed have done the opposite of what you told us they would do. Your Cash for Clunkers program that destroyed perfectly good vehicles only served to make the price of all used vehicles rise, putting them out of reach for those who can’t afford a new one. Your takeovers of GM and Chrysler only benefitted your union cronies, as stockholders were sent to the back of the line in defiance of the law. Your Stimulus did nothing of the sort. Unemployment rates are higher now than when you signed the bill.

Your takeover of Wall Street, which should have ended your attacks on them, has resulted in a slowdown of economic activity while nervous investors await the avalanche of new regulations on an already overregulated sector. The same is true of your Health Care bill. Employers are so unsure of the costs of your new regulations that they cannot hire new employees.

You pit the rich against the poor, as if no one in America aspires to richness. You divide us when you were supposed to unite us.

And now you want to raise the debt ceiling so you can continue to borrow more money from unfriendly governments to fund your extravagant spending after you criticized your predecessor for doing the same. You refuse to offer up any cuts of your own, and attempt to portray responsible attempts at spending reductions as somehow evil.

No more, Mr. President.

Now is the time for you to realize, as the rest of the country has realized, that you have failed the American people. You have failed in spectacular fashion and you seem intent upon continuing your failed policies.

You must surrender your assault on the country, Mr. President.

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