Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Bits of Tid - End of Funemployment Edition

A big, ol' hound dog howdy to y'all.

Well, this has to be a sign of the Apocalypse: I have a day job. It's part-time, which allows me flexibility to keep playing music, but the downside is I won't have as much time to blog. Not to worry, I'll still be here to weigh in on the political news and offer up the biting insight all nine of you have grown to know and love. I just won't be doing it on my former regular schedule.

So, the quanitity may go down, but the quality will increase. Or that's the theory at least.

It's a major career change for me, but, hey, life is nothing but a series of changes anyway. Adapt or die is the phrase, I think. And who knows, I still might have time to blog every day, we'll see. Anyway, I'll be playing it by ear for a while, to coin a musical phrase, and see what I can do.

I really do enjoy blogging. It's educational for me, doing all that exhaustive Internet reasearch, which usually consists of about five minutes on Bing. I hope you find it rewarding and interesting as well. You guys are a small but dedicated audience, for which I am Thankful.

Onwards, toward the bits...

Remember Steve Wynn's rant against President Obama's weird philosophy from the Smackdown post the other day? He wasn't the only one. And someone really should tell Wynn that Obama's weird philosophy has a name: it's called Socialism, and it has failed spectacularly every time it's been tried.

Just a reminder. None of the Senate Democrats voted to raise the debt ceiling in 2006. This is another one of those little talking points Republicans fail to mention, along with the bazillions of other things they don't say. No wonder they're losing the public in this debate over the debt.

From WSJOnline, via Ace, comes this astute political observation from one of the nations' most well-respected left wing dingbats, Deepak Chopra. It seems he's worried that Obama might not be reelected. He offers up his reasons why Democrats are just oh-so-much-better than you or I. They're listed here with this warning: Do Not Drink Anything While You Read This, as whatever you have in your mouth will be forcibly expelled through your nose. It's a reflex, trust me.

1. Liberals are freethinkers who wisely question their own assumptions. "One of the virtues of being on the liberal side of politics is that total obedience isn't required. There are no hidden agendas. Ideology doesn't lead to unreason. . . . Liberal politics is based on a non-regimented, all-inclusive approach to democracy. Freedom of thought is paramount."

2. Conservatives, by contrast, are sheep who blindly adhere to crazy dogmas. "It feels as if the inmates are running the asylum--as in the current Republican threat to default on America's debt. . . . If you suppose that the average citizen remembers that the right wing are the very ones who got us into this forlorn tangle of wars abroad, financial collapse, out-of-control spending, and massive bonuses for the rich, you have not felt the power that fear exerts."

3. It is crucial to keep Obama in office lest the crazy, stupid conservatives take over. "The prevailing sanity of President Obama is something that others and I have taken for granted. . . . It was such a relief to return to humane, non-ideological governance when President Obama won in 2008."

4. Therefore, liberals should stop questioning him and give him their blind support. "All of us who have taken advantage of our liberal heritage to question and criticize President Obama need to step back and consider the radical nature of the opposition. . . . If ever there was a time to stand behind the captain, this is it."
Please to meet your drug dealer?

Chase Bank is expanding and diversifying and evidently, taking over the duties of coroner. Chase Bank declares woman dead. You're not fooling anyone, you know.

The World's Fastest Indian Suzuki. 311 mph.

Behold the wonder that is bacon.

(h/t CBS although I wonder what's strange about a cooking video, especially one with bacon, oh well...)

Here's a political trend that needs more, um, exposure here in the States - Women urged to strip to support Putin. Subtitle: Putie's Cuties.

And finally, if this dog ever has puppies, I want one.

Y'all have a good weekend, y'all.

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Ima Wurdibitsch said...

Congrats? on the job.

I had three months of unpaid no contract coverage this year. It sucked (the no pay part). I'm fortunate that I love my job but if I ever win the lottery, I'll only stay at the job long enough to pass my responsibilities on to someone else.

I'm not sure how I didn't know you were a musician. What kind of music? Any audio/video out there on the interwebs? If you're not cool with putting a link on your blog, you can email me at myfullnamenospaceaolcom