Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Blast From the Past - America, Love It or Leave It, Said Socrates

Today, I'm going to dust off an old post of mine from a couple of years ago. It's made more relevant by the recent events around the world, particularly in the Middle East.

I'd like for y'all to click on this link to The Urban Infidel's coverage of the Muslim Day Parade held recently in New York City. The images there should concern you greatly.

Here's a video from Tom Trento that shows only a small part of what occurred that day.

Aside from these people's refusal to recognize our laws, their open contempt for America and our laws and values should shock you. It certainly did me.

If it seems like we are under attack, it's because we are. Still not convinced?

Welcome to Belgistan...

Not only are our embassies under physical attack abroad, our laws and the principles that govern us are under attack at home as well. Nothing about this is new, as you will soon discover.

In a sane world where everything wasn't backwards, the concept of good citizenship would be honored everywhere. Those who desire to be governed by whatever cultural norms appeal to them would congregate where those values are, essentially, the law

If your desire is to live under a theocracy, that's fine.

If you wish to be free, you can choose a free society in which to live.

But, that's not what we have in today's world.

I certainly hope that you don't think what we're seeing today is anything new. Indeed, the ink was barely dry on our Declaration of Independence when anti-Americanism began. Most of Europe at the time wasn't exactly cheering us on, especially England.

It's a basic human need to seek out and seek to be surrounded by people who agree with each other. Were this not the case, there would be no separate nations and certainly no cultural diversity. As there are people of different abilities, there are also nations of different abilities. Each nation has contributed its part to the world we know today, for better or for worse.

America is unique for many things. We are known as the Melting Pot of the World because, well, we are. What unites us is the desire to live freely according to our own potential, guided by our conscience, in peace. And for a long time, that's what we had.

But others, driven by envy, aware of their cultural failures, greedy, have sought not freedom for themselves, but instead to bring us down to their level. This is the vile reasoning behind today's calls for "fairness."

Their wish is not for peace. Their desire is not respect. Their wish is to control you: what you think, what you do, and how you live. In other words, what they want is the opposite of freedom.

I'm being simplistic in order to make a point.

The reason why we cannot live is peace lies in the darkness of the human heart. Have you ever been robbed? I have. The first thing that crossed my mind upon the discovery that about half of what I had worked for was gone, was, "Why would someone do this to me?" I couldn't understand why someone thought it was better for them to take something that didn't belong to them than to take that same effort and apply it towards themselves. It did, after all, take some doing to take my stuff.

Here lies the basic difference between good people and bad people. Multiply this by the seven billion or so inhabitants of Earth and you have the bloody history of mankind: the peaceful versus the aggressors. Anyone who thinks that all cultures are the same and equally good is, quite frankly, an imbecile.

As I mentioned earlier, none of this is anything new. The Ancients struggled with this, too. Socrates, in his incessant pursuit of goodness, laid out the ideal of citizenship in his work entitled Crito.

In short, Socrates approached the idea of citizenship from a mature, enlightened standpoint. A citizen either agrees with the place where he lives, or he moves on to a place more to his liking. The moralistic and intellectual underpinning of his argument is respect for his fellow man and the culture established by those who preceded him.

For, after having brought you into the world, and nurtured and educated you, and given you and every other citizen a share in every good that we had to give, we further proclaim and give the right to every Athenian, that if he does not like us when he has come of age and has seen the ways of the city, and made our acquaintance, he may go where he pleases and take his goods with him; and none of us laws will forbid him or interfere with him. Any of you who does not like us and the city, and who wants to go to a colony or to any other city, may go where he likes, and take his goods with him. But he who has experience of the manner in which we order justice and administer the State, and still remains, has entered into an implied contract that he will do as we command him. And he who disobeys us is, as we maintain, thrice wrong: first, because in disobeying us he is disobeying his parents; secondly, because we are the authors of his education; thirdly, because he has made an agreement with us that he will duly obey our commands; and he neither obeys them nor convinces us that our commands are wrong; and we do not rudely impose them, but give him the alternative of obeying or convincing us; that is what we offer and he does neither.
I would add that there is a fourth wrong. It's God's Desire that we live in peace, which is the reason why civilization was established originally. This is also why our legal foundation embodies the directives of the Ten Commandments.

If you do not wish to live among us as an American in peace, then please leave us in peace. Do not attempt to change us.

You will fail.


Some Guy In Wisconsin said...

As a person that understands Western civilization is the best thing that has ever happened to the world, one would hope that the mass influx of Muslims into western countries wouldn't change us.... that the immigrants would see the light so to speak and assimulate into western society... sadly, as many have seen in England and elsewhere overseas (and recently in Canada and the US) that is not and will not be the case. Radical Islamists are not going to assimulate (and they make sure that moderate muslims don't assimulate either) and those in the west better wake up to the fact and cut off immigration from any and all Muslim countries.
Sad, but true. I denounce myself for being xenophobic or some such thing...

ZZMike said...

"... that the immigrants would see the light ..."

Alas, wishful thinking. In the Old Days (1880s on), people came here to get away from repressive governments (or because the potato crops failed) and make a new life here. Most of them came in with nothing, many fell by the wayside, but very few ever went back. More and more they left the Old Country behind and got on our wagon.

Muslims who move anywhere are convinced that the new country is seriously misguided, and if only it would realize that Islam is the solution to all the world's problems (when everybody thinks alike, the coefficient of diversity goes to zero and conflict disappears), then the Pax Islamicus would rule the world.

they have no interest in, or intention of, assimilating or tolerating.