Friday, September 7, 2012

A Roundup of Reactions to Obama's Acceptance Speech

Tammy Bruce has a short list of some of the reactions to last night's speech by Democrat nominee Obama. Seems that a lot of pundits are less than impressed, even on the Left.

Me? I had better things to do, like watch the Pitt/Cincinnati game.

One speech I did see this morning was Cardinal Dolan's final benediction. This was the one that most major "news" outlets either cut off or just plain didn't show.


(Here are some extremely ngative reactions from the Left. Warning: lots and lots of F-bombs directed at Dolan.)

In my humble opinion, it's all over but the votin'. Which, by the way, we still have to do. I'm not suggesting anything short of our best effort to defeat Obama and his Band of Merry Marxists in two months. There's still work to do.

We'd best get to it.

But we can do it with grateful hearts, especially after the debacle that was the D 'n C's convention. From kicking out conservative bloggers, to denying God three times (something I'm still mulling over for its obvious religious significance), to Obama's lame, worn out speech last night, we have a lot of momentum. The wind is at our backs.

Release the Happy Warriors! #War.

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