Wednesday, September 12, 2012

About That Movie That Has The MidEast In Such a Tizzy, It's Fake

Well, it appears we have another case of "fake, but accurate" going on.

If you've watched this trailer that's reportedly been shown all over Arab TV the past few days and is the alleged reason for the riot at our embassy in Egypt, you may have noticed that it looks a little, well, how to put it, funny?

Watch at from 2:31 to 2:55 and again at the 3:45 mark. Shenanigans be there.

Some of the dialogue is clearly overdubbed, not to mention it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

But that's good enough to cause a riot.

I'll hand over the rest of this post to Ace, since he's the one who took this apart.

Oh, and here's another link to a Daily Mail article that's asking some questions. It appears that the cast was told one thing about the script, and then someone in post-production did something else.

Sorry to be stealing so much from Ace today, but he types a lot faster than I can.

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