Thursday, September 13, 2012

IED Hits Our Consulate Last June - No Additional Security Steps Taken

Damn, I thought yesterday was bad.

Link to the fleet-fingered Ace once more. And since this also won't be reported by the MFM, you can email this to your friends.

We have to spread the word.

And I'm going to maintain that none of this strife in the Mideast is happening by accident. The more I find out (and pass along to y'all), the more I'm convinced this is all planned.

Also, I expect us to lose at least one of our embassies in the area tomorrow after their Friday "prayers."

This will not end well. It's not too good now. But, on the bright side, maybe getting pushed out of the Mideast won't be all bad. They hate us anyway, and always have, ever since the creation of Israel in 1948. They also hate us because we're free.

Perhaps if we withdraw and isolate them, then throw our full military might behind Israel, we'll do more good than making our sons and daughters targets.

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