Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New AFP ObamaCare Ad

Here's a new ad from the good folks at Americans For Prosperity that outlines what we've known for decades now, that those countries who have socialized medicine practice it poorly. We have had the best medical system in the world until the Progressives installed their wet dream of ObamaCare.

This is what we can look forward to unless we elect Mitt Romney and repeal ObamaCare.

I can't quite understand, with all the other examples of poor care and long waits of other countries, why the Progs felt it necessary to inflict that upon us. I mean, I can: they did it for the power it gives them. However, there's nothing in the Constitution that mentions any sort of right to healthcare.

If Romney wants to replace OCare with anything, it should be a free-market alternative that includes tort reform and allows interstate competition for insurance companies, along with a provision for high-risk pools. With the large number of Baby Boomers, this is necessary.

I don't need or want a bunch of unaccountable bureaucrats between me and my healthcare provider. They have no business in my business.

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