Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Where We All Belong: To the Government

Ace found this video that kicked off the D 'n C last night.

Creepy doesn't begin to describe it.

Now compare this to Clint Eastwood's "We own the government. They work for us."

Mitt's campaign echos the sentiment:
Conservatives on Twitter beg to differ with the Dims.

 The D 'n C is already trying to walk this back...

The “Welcome to Charlotte” video was solely produced and paid for by the Host Committee’s New American City Fund, which promotes the city of Charlotte and welcomes our guests. The intent of this video was to tell the story of this region and it is completely unaffiliated with the Obama campaign or the Democratic National Committee.
 Yeah, I believe that. Oh, here's your mask back. You must have dropped it.

I'm a free man. I don't "belong" to the government, thank you very much.

How much further from the Founders could this Democrat Party get? I really don't want to find out.

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