Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Neil Cavuto is Correct - It's Time to Demand More from Our Government

Why don't we demand more from our government, as Cavuto asks?

It's not like we don't. But more and more, it's a one-way conversation. We've been telling our representatives what we want done for a while now, but do they act? Do they seem the slightest bit interested in our wishes?

I'm certain that all fourteen of you would say "no."

So, here we are, stuck with an unresponsive and extremely expensive and intrusive federal bureaucracy that has its own agenda. One that knows no boundaries, no limits to what it can do. One that is in direct conflict with the foundation of our laws, the Constitution.

What can we do?

I'm not certain what, if anything, we can do. The people we send to Washington don't appear to be interested in adhering to any sort of principles except the ones that get them reelected.

So, what is it that "we the people" want and expect from our representatives that's seemingly so hard to do that they can't seem to do it?

We expect to have a good economy. We are, after all, capitalists. So why is Washington intent on diminishing the greatest economic engine the world has ever known? Look around and ask yourself if anyone seems interested in your economic well-being.

We expect to be secure. Right now, this administration is allowing Iran to pursue a nuclear weapons program. They declare that they want to wipe Israel off the map. Does anyone have a doubt that they won't? What will it take before Washington believes them? A nuclear strike against Bethlehem and Jerusalem?

We expect our laws to be obeyed. Ours isn't a complicated model for governance: we elect people to go in our place to enact laws that agree we need. We pretty much have the basics covered with the laws against murder, and theft and rape. So why is it we keep seeing an increasing number of laws and regulations coming out of Washington every year?

It's clear to me (and a lot of other folk too) that we've lost control of our government. We have a Congress that exempts itself from the very laws it creates. Our budget has outstripped our ability to pay our debts, our southern border with Mexico is a border in name only. We have many in Washington who look at foreign law (including the horror of sharia law) as a good idea.

We have no way to control this out-of-control beast that has been created without our permission.

What can we do?

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