Saturday, July 21, 2012

ABC Must Fire Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos

It certainly didn't take long for ABC News to try to pin the horrible Midnight Massacre shooting on the Tea Party. Brian Ross and George Snuffleupagus are both guilty of media malpractice in finding the first person with the name of the shooter in the area, seeing the words "Tea Party," then proceeding to smear their reputations and the movement itself by attempting to connect them.

There was no connection whatsoever. This is a clear case of libel, for which ABC, Ross and George should be sued, well and often, with the goal of bankrupting those responsible.
Here's some links to this:

ABC News Must Fire Brian Ross.

Brian Ross has pulled this shit before.

Enough is enough. Fire them and boycott ABC, ESPN, and Disney. Contact these companies at the phone numbers in this link and demand action.

Here's the clip of the Progressive Pravda and their false insertion of the Tea Party into this tragedy.

Instapundit weighs in.

Here's some truthful snark (with Spanish subtitles!)

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The wronged man speaks of his "surreal day."

The Tea Party speaks out.

“We call on ABC News to immediately stop all reckless and false reporting, and we are putting all media outlets on notice that false political attacks on the American people will no longer be tolerated,” said Jenny Beth Martin, the national co-founder of Tea Party Patriots.

While this is nothing new, that left-wing news organizations would adopt Pravda's method of mind-control to sway the weak, what is new is that we have a whole lot of people ready to counter their false smears and expose their anti-American agenda. And before you think, "This is just one incident, they just got it wrong," and that is correct, it's the pattern that matters. This is how they work.

It may appear (and will be explained away) as a simple mistake. Don't be fooled.

They think you're an idiot. That's why they do these things. That's why they don't value the truth, or the pillars of reporting: What, When, Where, and Who.

It's all opinion, all the time for these people, disguised as news. News is one thing, opinion is something else. Don't confuse the two, ABC.

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