Friday, July 20, 2012

Obama Wants You to Hit the Mute Button When He's on TV

Oh, wait, that's what I do.

Our most unprofessional president ever wants you to hit the mute button when television ads against him appear.

I wonder why.

Could it be that he wants to silence his critics? That he doesn't really believe in our First Amendment right to free speech? Is he afraid you might hear the truth about him, that we're much worse off today than we were four years ago? That he's broken every promise he made except the one to "fundamentally transform" the greatest nation in history? That real unemployment is around 15% and real inflation is around 10%? That he's funneled billions of tax dollars to campaign supporters in the form of loan guarantees for failed "green energy" companies? That his Attorney General committed numerous felonies by supplying thousands of guns to narco-terrorists in Mexico in an effort to sway public opinion in order to suspend our Second Amendment right to bear arms? That he's currently in violation of several court orders? That he violates our Constitution on a regular basis and undermines our rule of law by refusing to enforce laws he doesn't like? That he fabricated much of his autobiography and claimed himself to be from Indonesia in order to sell his books? That he launched his political career in the Chicago living room of an unrepentant domestic terrorist? That his earliest political mentor was a card-carrying, big-C Communist who had a 600-page FBI dossier? That he thinks if you have a business, that you didn't build it? That he's never held a job in the private sector, never run a business and never met a payroll? That he's paid millions to seal and conceal his academic records? That he spent twenty years in a radical, left-wing church led by a "reverend" who wants God to damn AmeriKKKa?

That he is, by all accounts, the worst president in our history?

Nah, that couldn't be it at all, could it?

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