Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Know Thy Enemy: Read "The Little Blue Book"

There is a new book out called The Little Blue Book: The Essential Guide to Thinking and Talking Democratic. It's by one of the leading Progressive (read that as Communist) linguists George Lakoff. I found this article by Zombie at PJ Media linked in Ace's sidebar yesterday.

It's enlightening as it lays out how the left is instructed to speak in order to effectively sway people. You'll never guess who advocates this book. Go on, just take a guess. How about none other than Van Jones and George Soros? All fourteen of you want to read it now, right?

As soon as I become gainfully employed, I may get a copy for myself. But there's a lot to be gleaned from Zombie's post, most of which you will probably already know.

The one big thing you already know is that despite their name, Progressives are pushing an ideology from the past that has failed each and every time it has been tried. Oh, it's gone by different names depending upon where it's been tried, but the idea of governmental control of a society and its people has led to nothing except death and destruction. But that doesn't stop the brain-dead proponents of Communism, or Socialism, or Progressivism or whatever else it calls itself from attempting to repeat failure.

It's almost like Evil is a malevolent spirit that roams the Earth perpetually seeking the weak-minded to crush the Good. But that's just crazy talk, right?

Anyway, at least read Zombie's post if you don't get the book itself. It's be much easier to get the progressive cooties off of you, since there's a lot less of them.

As we're currently experiencing, modern Progressivism is a dismal failure. Make no mistake, President Obama is a Progressive, as are most in his administration. Theirs is a philosophy of control of the economy, of speech, action and thought. Think Orwell's 1984. Look around you and marvel at three short years of it. What do you see? Sky high unemployment, a piss poor economy, tens of thousands of federal regulations acting like a python squeezing the life out of a once-great country and its people.

And 52% of America wanted it. I hope y'all are happy.

It's helpful to understand, or at least try to understand, what passes for contemporary progressive "thought." Anyone with a toehold on Reality can see right through the falsehoods and illusory premises that forms the foundation of this soul-crushing ideology.

Let's begin with the false assumption of the author: The traditional family is the source of evil in American life. A strong father and a cooperative mother are the enemy of progressives, as this quote proves...

(warning for high-minded condescension ahead)

The idealized conservative family is structured around a strict father who is the natural leader of the family. Because the world is a dangerous place, and evil a force in the world, he has to be strong to protect his family. He is moral and knows right from wrong. Because children are born just doing what feels good rather than what is good, he has to teach them right from wrong by punishing them when they do wrong so they will do right in the future. Because he knows what to do, his authority is absolute and unchallengeable. He sets the rules, and is, in short, the decider. Physical discipline is necessary to produce moral discipline. The enforcement of rules must be strict or they will cease to be followed. Love is tough love; discipline is a form of love. Toughness is important and a measure of moral strength. Better to discipline too often than too little. The role of the mother is to uphold the authority of the father. If she does not, she too may be disciplined as well.
Funny how that model served us well for only a few thousand years or so.

It's around here that the shit starts getting deep as Lakoff makes a weak attempt to show how the "progressive" family is oh-so-much-more smarter and betterer than those troglodyte, knuckle-dragging, Bible-toting conservatives...

The progressive family has parents of equal authority. Their central moral role requires empathy with each other and their children; it requires self-responsibility and responsibility for the well-being of other family members. Respect for parents comes not from fear of punishment but from admiration and a sense of cooperation. Behavioral standards and limits play a crucial role in this model. They are always subject to questioning and explanation, but parents have the last word because they are ultimately responsible. This requires open communication, transparency about family rules, shared decision-making, and need-based fairness. The outcomes of family life require the cooperation of the whole family, working together working together as a family system.

There are so many things wrong with that comparison that's it's difficult to know exactly where to begin to cite them. First, there's the author's assumption that the two models are mutually exclusive of each other. Next comes the complete absence of a strong role model in the progressive one. Third, there are so many buzzwords and catchphrases in the progressive example that my head hurts. Yeah, I'm dazzled, now shut up already.

Now ask yourself if the progressive model, which these intellectuals are currently forcing on us against our will, is the one outlined. Where is the cooperation? Where is the fairness? Where is the morality? Where is the self-determination? Where's the kumbay-ya, Lord?

Most of all, where is the freedom?

That last sentence of the progressive model family tells me everything I need to know about the author: he is a big-letter-C Communist. The collective is all that matters, preferably with him in control of you. This is the common thread that runs through this flawed mindset, and is the nature of all human suffering throughout history.

It really is that simple.

Nowhere in the leftist philosophy is there any recognition of the individual making his or her life better through self-interest (not greed, as it is mischaracterized by the left), and making other people's lives better as a side effect. Nowhere is the spark of individual innovation responsible for the elevation of mankind, as evidenced by the Twentieth American Century (despite the best efforts of the progressives to squash it). Nowhere is there an Einstein, a Pasteur, a Carver, a Whitney, it's all The Collective.

If you haven't done so already, I'll do it now and call Bullshit on this whole idea.

Anyway, read the link and educate yourself. I've just scratched the surface of the sheen of this turd that the author is trying so hard to polish. Familiarize yourself with your enemy, learn their tactics and puncture their bubble with the Truth you know in your heart. Buy the book, or at least borrow it if you're like me and don't want to give them any money.

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