Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Alinsky Ethics - Mobsters, Murder and Mayhem

Here's an interesting post over at Breitbart.com (aren't they all?) that sheds some light on the teachings of one Saul Alinsky, the guy who dedicated his book Rules for Radicals to the devil; The Community Organizer-in-Chief, Part One: The Alinsky Ethics.

This is important because our current president and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are both admirers of Alinsky. What this means is that they are enemies of America. What this means-means is they hate the American way of life, Americans, and me and you.

Just so you know.

Because of the Fourth Estate Fail, it’s incumbent on conservative activists and citizen journalists to do the job of explaining to voters the truth about Barack Obama. This article is the first in a series that uses Kurtz’s Spreading The Wealth as a jumping off point to lay out in stark detail how President Obama has practiced distinct brand of Chicago-style politics has had implications for every aspect of his policy, from Obamacare to the housing crisis.

The plain truth is that President Barack Obama has operated in a manner completely consistent with his political roots as an Alinsky-style community organizer. That simple assessment is accurate but useless as an explanation. Most voters have no idea who Saul Alinsky was or even what being a "community organizer" means. Ironically, this ignorance is especially acute among liberals.

Ignorance yourself no more. That's part of why you, gentle reader, are here. To digest the subtle nuances and overtones of American Politics, to ask questions and to probe the soft underbelly of the political beast, but only while it's asleep.

Now, where was I? Oh, yeah, Saul Alinsky. If you click on the link that says Rules for Radicals, you'll read about this for yourself. Understand whilst reading this that you're reading a manual for overthrowing our government, you little subversive you. Shame.

In it, you'll also discover many of the secrets that those on the left don't want you to know, like hiding your numbers. That's Rule Number One. After you've digested all the Rules (and it may take a few readings), you'll come to recognize many of the tactics in use by the leftards today, most notably the MSM.

This first Rule is really important, because there's a tendency to align with others, primarily due to the "coolness factor" of an idea or a candidate. You want to be one of the "cool kids," don't you? Sure you do. Here's all you gotta do; say this, believe this and vote for this guy.

Everybody's Doing It.

This is how we got into the mess we're in today, by voting for the "cool guy." High school class presidents are elected this way. President's shouldn't be. Nor should anyone who wields power of any sort. The biggest thing about understanding politics is that you're literally playing with fire. When the fire is under your control, all is well. Let the fire get out of control, and well, you could get burned.

And we've been very badly immolated. But we've made stupid decisions before, and we'll probably make a few more before it's all over. It's What We Do, especially when it comes to presidents: Obama, Carter, Johnson, Wilson. Crap, now that I think about it, we're not doing too well at all when it comes to picking our presidents.

Oh well. It's vitally important that we educate ourselves and learn as much as we can about the person we're electing. While we're all unique, we should be looking to elect people who have as much in common with us as possible. Check out their record, if they have one. How do they vote if they have a record. Anything questionable there? If you have any doubts, then do some more research. If you're reading this, then you already have the keys to the world's largest library.

Use it.

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