Monday, July 23, 2012

We are a Nation of Regulations Under Obama

Cause and effect. It's one of the many simple things progressives can't seem to grasp, like elementary mathematics.

So let's work this problem backwards.

Here's the effect: a stagnant economy with skyrocketing unemployment.

Here's the cause: an avalanche of regulations from the Obama administration.

The way in which our system of government is constructed, we are free to do everything unless there is a law against it. This is what makes us the exception to the rest of the world where the government holds the power and allows the citizenry to do things.

More laws generate more regulations. More laws and regulations inhibit freedom and strangle the economy. So, if you want more freedom and more money in your pocket, you should be finding and voting for candidates who understand and support regulatory reform. And don't accept any excuses from them: If they don't repeal laws and reduce regulations, vote them out and replace them with people who will.

It really is that simple.

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