Monday, July 9, 2012

An Open Letter to America's Political Class

Dear Politicians, Bureaucrats and Judges,

It has come to the attention of myself and millions of my fellow citizens that you don't seem to know what you're doing. Every day brings some new news that reinforces this: bad economic numbers, bad laws and awful court decisions that contradict and distort the plain meaning of our Constitution, a growing sense that America should be more like the rest of the world, record federal deficits, high unemployment and inflation, the list goes on.

None of this needs to happen and we can't think of a good reason for it to continue this way.

Average Americans like me are left to conclude that you don't have a clue what to do with the power we've given you. I'm writing this letter to help you.

Some say that we elect politicians to go to Washington to vote their conscience in national matters. This is wrong. We send you to Washington to vote our conscience.

We expect a few things from you that we frankly aren't getting. So, again in the interest of helping you with something you seem to be struggling with, let me outline a few of these things for you so that you can make better decisions.

We expect you to have empathy with us. We expect you to put yourselves in our shoes and really think about the issues you're dealing with. Your job is important. We don't have the time to watch over you like children. We are a nation of adults and we expect adult behavior from you. We send you to Washington to do the things that we would do, so start doing them.

We expect you to have a clear head and a servant's heart. We expect you to think about what actually goes on every day in your fellow citizens' lives, to live in the world of Reality.

American Reality.

We expect you to ignore the many people who approach you and your staff with large sums of money to vote a certain way and to instead act in the interests of the majority of us, not them. This is what we pay you to do.

We expect you to make sure that we have a robust economy where each and every American can start a business easily, without jumping through a bunch of regulatory hoops and red tape. We don't want regulations that don't make sense. We don't want regulations that are based on the popular theory of the day, like man-made global warming. In fact, we want all those regulations that were based on that ridiculous, disproven idea thrown out.

We expect our Constitution to be the only law in our court system. We don't want to hear what other countries do, how they think, or what they believe. If we liked what they did, we'd move there. We are different, and we like being different. This means no foreign law and no sharia anywhere inside our borders.

And speaking of borders, we expect you to control ours. We don't want millions of people just walking into our country because they want to. Would you let anyone just walk into your home because they wanted to? If you wish to become an American, we'll welcome you with certain conditions, the first of them is that you will live under our laws like we all do. This means getting in line, proving your worth, learning our history and being the best citizen you can be.

We expect our laws to be enforced all the time. You don't get to pick and choose which laws you will enforce and when. That's not the way we do things. If there are laws on the books, your job is to enforce them. We realize a big reason our children can't play outside is that parents are scared. They're scared because they aren't sure some child molester will be punished or not. Nobody should live in that kind of fear. It's the criminals who should be afraid.

We expect you to understand who our real enemies are and keep us safe from them. The world is a dangerous place, but too many of you don't act like it. Too many of you seem to think that we average Americans are the threat. Look at the way you treat us when we fly somewhere. We expect this to stop. We want our enemies treated like enemies and to be protected from them, to hell with their feelings. If this means "profiling," that's OK. When a crime is committed and you have a description of the criminal, you don't waste time looking for someone who doesn't fit that description.

We want you to recognize what the rest of us do: there are people and organizations who wish to overthrow our government and destroy our way of life operating out in the open today inside our country, using our own freedom against us. They use false arguments and lies to promote their agenda. We want them stopped.

We expect you to unlock the vast amount of natural resources we've been given to create cheap and abundant energy. This means that you will no longer allow unelected radical environmentalists and their "Chicken Little" attitudes to keep us from developing our land for our benefit.

We expect you to embrace and promote the creation of wealth. This means that you'll look to the free market for solutions to our problems, not government.

We expect you to keep our freedom foremost in your every decision. We expect you to recognize that you have limits to what you can do, and to never, ever consider violating those limits. Our Founders knew what they were doing to prevent a government from becoming too big and too powerful. Why don't you?

We expect you to take a look at what our government does, the laws it has created, the time those laws were created, and see if these laws are still needed. If not, we expect you to repeal those laws that have outlived their usefulness. If this means eliminating entire departments of the government, then so be it.

We expect you to treat us as intelligent individuals with a working brain. We can and do make good decisions in our everyday life when we're given truthful and accurate information. We expect plain, straight talk from you, not meaningless drivel.

We expect action from you. Action that makes our lives better. Action that makes sure we're free. Action that creates security for the future. Action that makes sure our children have the same rights and freedoms that were intended by the wise men who created this country, without the heavy hand of out-of-touch bureaucrats who clearly enjoy power, not doing the right thing for all of us.

I can assure you that nothing less than this is acceptable. You will either start acting in the best interests of everyone, or we will find someone to replace you who will.


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