Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Comic Creator of Bane Calls BS on Dems Bane = Bain Strategy

Heh. Obama's reelection campaign is seeking to tie the new Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises bad guy whose name is "Bane" to Mitt Romney's former investment firm Bain Capital.

Get it? Bane, Bain? Movie bad guy equals real life bad guy? A homonym is gonna win the election for Obama!

Good luck with that, especially since one of the guys who created the Bane character, Chuck Dixon, is a conservative who calls this effort "ridiculous" and an "overreach."

It's along about here that I should insert the observation that leftist are operating on the emotional level of spoiled teenagers, but that would be racist or something.

True, too. But that's what they seem to think. Or, more accurately, that's what they think of you.

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