Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We're Using Food as Biofuel, Why, Again?

The insanity just gets more insane.

We're using food as fuel in an attempt to appease the dread goddess Gaia, who, in her benevolence, has repaid our worship in the form of a drought. Corn prices are going through the roof as a result. This will result in an unnecessary spike in prices of meat and everything else that corn feeds. Watch the video in the link (it's short) to get a quick lesson in where the corn crop goes.

Now ask yourself, why wouldn't government lift the mandate for corn fuel (ethanol) during a drought? Normal people would do such a common sense thing. But if your goal is to keep the contributions from the fringe radical environmentalist groups coming in, those are the people you must please in order to keep your power, normal people be damned.

There is no need for this, given that we've discovered more oil beneath American soil than the whole middle East.

We should be using oil, not food, for fuel.

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Dedicated Tenther said...

I've said it before: "Silly Politicians, corn is for food!"